If you are facing the loss of your teeth, you may be worried about how dentures are going to affect your lifestyle. This is an important consideration: dentures have the potential to significantly impact your quality of life.

And if travel is one of your favorite hobbies, it’s very important to consider the impact dentures can have on your trips. If you do like to travel, implant dentures may be your best choice.

Retired couple enjoying vacation near the lake

Long Days of Wear

Some travel days are long. You may be on an airplane for ten hours or more, have to catch a taxi in a strange city, then have to get checked into your hotel before you’re ready to finally relax.

With traditional dentures, that long day of wear can be grueling and uncomfortable. You would want to be able to remove your dentures at some point during the day, but that can be difficult and embarrassing. But implant dentures are a lot more comfortable for long day wear–if they’re hybrid or fixed dentures, they are supposed to stay in all day.

You can get even more comfort with FOY® Dentures, which are designed to fit the optimal tension in your jaw muscles, so they are less likely to get tired or sore. And because FOY ® Dentures are neuromuscular dentures, they can help you avoid the sore neck or headaches that can come with a travel day.

Never Worry about the Menu

Part of the fun of travel is getting to try new and different foods. That’s a lot harder to do if you’re concerned that your dentures might not be up to the challenge. It’s embarrassing to have to ask about what you’ll be able to eat from the menu, and even worse if you get something you just can’t chew. With traditional dentures, there may be some foods you just can’t try.

And, unfortunately, traditional dentures can reduce your ability to taste these interesting foods. That’s because they cover your entire upper palate, which is almost as important to your sense of taste as your tongue.

But with implant dentures, you can eat with confidence any food you choose. There will never be any foods you just can’t chew, no matter how gamey it may be. And with an open palate, you’ll love the richer taste experience.

Feel More Confident in Social Encounters

Another wonderful part of travel is all the great people you get to meet. But those social encounters can be a lot more challenging with traditional dentures. You may feel self-conscious because your dentures slip out or click  when you talk. And learning to speak clearly in English is hard enough: it can be almost impossible to try out your foreign phrases when your dentures are constantly slipping out.

Implant dentures give you the confidence to speak freely with everyone you encounter. You never have to worry that your dentures will be out of place, and you’ll be able to speak clearly, even if the words are unfamiliar.

One Less Thing to Lose

When you travel, you’re constantly going to unfamiliar places, and there’s always a risk that something will be left behind. Just keeping track of your passport and money can be hard enough–it’s a nuisance to have to be worrying about losing your dentures too. Especially if you are out on the town having a big night, it can be easy enough to remove your dentures because they’re irritating and then leave them behind at the pub.

Removable dentures can be a big nuisance on those early mornings where you have to rise, pack, and make an early plane, train, or boat. With all the rush, it can be easy to leave them behind.

But fixed implant dentures don’t cause any trouble: they’re always where they should be and you’ll never leave them behind.

Good Dentures for the Good Life

If you are looking for dentures that will help you enjoy the good life–whatever that means for you–you should consider implant dentures.
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