About Dr. Adam Hahn

Denture dentist, Dr. Adam Hahn joined his father’s practice in 2004. As you might expect, he entered the practice with numerous new ideas about how to keep the practice at the cutting edge. Tempered with his father’s wisdom, he knows how to apply both the lessons of experience and the innovations of modern dentures.

Why You Want an Experienced Denture Dentist

Experience plays a crucial role in providing quality dental care. Experienced dentists have a larger reference bank to diagnose problems and recommend solutions. If you come to them with a problem, you can bet it’s not the first time they’ve seen it, and they are more likely to have a solution that works.

Denture Dentist Dr. Adam Hahn, Columbia, SC

Why You Want a Neuromuscular Denture Dentist

“Dentist” comes from the Latin for “teeth,” but denture dentists should be able to treat more than just your teeth. They need to be aware of all the muscles, nerves, and bones that have to work together to keep your mouth healthy. For a denture dentist, this is even more important, because quality dentures must work harmoniously with all the elements of your mouth to maintain function and fit. That’s why neuromuscular dentistry is the scientific foundation of The Denture Fountain of Youth®.

How to Select a Columbia Denture Dentist

To make sure you find the right denture dentist for you, take the time to research and select one. First, start with referrals from friends and family, but don’t just go with a dentist because someone recommends them. Add them to your list of candidates.

Next, do an Internet search for dentists in your area. Read dentists’ websites (including ones you got referrals for), to understand their approach to dentures. Then check out online reviews for dentists to find a few candidates that have a good philosophy and provide quality dental care.

Schedule appointments to talk to a few denture dentists. You want to talk to at least three to make your decision. Ask them for more elaboration on their denture philosophy and experience, as well as recommendations for your dentures. Finally, ask to speak to previous or current patients. Most dentists will have a few patients who are prepared to talk about their dental care.

Now, it’s time to make the hard decision. Pick the dentist that gives you full confidence that you will receive quality care.

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