Implant dentures come in many different styles, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. Hybrid dentures are a popular form of implant denture that can help to improve the security of your dentures , giving you better bite force than more removable denture options.

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What Are Hybrid Dentures?

Why are hybrid dentures called hybrid? They are a compromise between permanently affixed dentures and removable dentures. Hybrid dentures are secured to your dental implants with screws. You can’t remove them, but your denture can.

Typically, 4-6 dental implants are used to secure the upper denture with another 4-6 on the lower denture. The implants are mostly concealed by your healing gums, though sometimes there’s a structural bar that goes over the surface of your gums to help support and attach the denture.

Hybrid dentures sit on your gums, but because they’re screwed into your dental implants, they can actually be implant-supported (putting force right into your jawbone) as opposed to implant-retained (putting force mostly on your gums).

The Benefits of Hybrid Dentures

As we alluded to above, hybrid dentures are designed to give you the best support for your dentures. Because they’re screwed in, the force of chewing won’t generally dislodge your dentures. Some “snap-in” dentures can be dislodged by chewing, though they’re usually secure for talking, laughing, kissing, and other situations where traditional dentures can get dislodged.

Another benefit of hybrid dentures is that they can be made less bulky than traditional or even “snap-in” dentures. They don’t have to be much larger than your natural teeth, which makes it easier to adapt to dentures, reduces the risk of gagging and helps you achieve an attractive, youthful appearance.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Dentures

But hybrid dentures still sit on your gums, so it’s possible for food and bacteria to get underneath the denture. This normally isn’t much, and can be handled at your regular dental visits, but sometimes it can lead to discomfort.

Another problem is that if your hybrid dentures aren’t properly fitted, they can be more likely to break. Irregular forces may cause snap-in dentures to pop out, but those forces have to be borne by hybrid dentures, which can lead to breaking the denture or causing bone loss around the dental implants. Neuromuscular fitting can help ensure even forces so that you don’t experience this type of force imbalance.

Find Out If Hybrid Dentures Are Right For You

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