If you’re considering dentures, you may not need all your teeth replaced. Sometimes you may have good or reasonably good teeth in one arch, while the other teeth need to be replaced. Typically, we will replace the top arch, leaving the lower arch alone, or restoring it to good health. Because your natural teeth are normally better than any replacement option, this may be beneficial for you.

The only way to know the best solution for your dentures is to talk to a denture dentist like Dr. Adam Hahn. To schedule an appointment, please call (803) 781-9090 or email Smile Columbia Dentistry in Columbia, SC today.

Why Consider Single Arch Dentures

Your teeth are truly miraculous. They are individually secured into your jawbone, and have many ideal properties for their desired functions. Although there are many good tooth replacement options, none of them are as good as your natural teeth. This means that keeping your natural teeth when possible can give you improved quality of life.

Even if your natural teeth are damaged, they can be restored and may give decades of serviceable life. When your teeth are restored, it puts off the need to replace them for longer, giving you years or even decades of better quality of life.

Why We Typically Replace the Top Arch

In almost every case, we will choose to replace your upper teeth and restore your lower teeth. This is because:

  • The lower jaw moves around, which can make lower dentures less stable
  • The tongue can interfere with the fit of lower dentures
  • Upper dentures have more support

Although there are some exceptions, if your lower teeth are not in a good condition for restoration or retention, we won’t recommend single arch dentures.

Why Choose an Experienced Dentist for Single Arch Dentures

Single arch dentures offer unique challenges. They can be harder to fit. Double-arch dentures can be designed to fit each other, but single-arch dentures have to be designed to fit the opposing teeth, which is more challenging.

Single arch dentures also have to be stronger because they have to withstand the bite force of opposing natural teeth, which is typically more than the bite force of opposing dentures. This also creates a fit challenge, because the increased force can put more pressure on your gums, leading to an increased risk of denture pain.

These challenges mean that you should work with an experienced denture dentist for single arch dentures. Dr. Adam Hahn has been providing dental care in Columbia, SC for many years, and he has helped many people get comfortable, functional single arch dentures. Let him put his experience to work for you.

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