Are you a victim of denture pain? If you suffer pain from your dentures, it can be caused by many things, such as the fit of your dentures, the shape of your bones, and a change in bite forces due to your dentures. You may have had to live with denture pain in the past, but today The Denture Fountain of Youth® can give you a more comfortable option. Built on neuromuscular principles, The Denture Fountain of Youth® can reduce or eliminate your denture pain.

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Denture Pain Caused by Poor Fit

Poorly fitting dentures can cause pain in many ways. They may slip out of place and irritate tissues in your mouth. They may put pressure on places that aren’t supposed to have pressure on them. Other times, dentists may try to improve fit by making your dentures tight on the sides. This may or may not work, but it creates irritation of your gums.

Failure to replace your dentures promptly can affect the health of your mouth and your body. It can also negatively impact your quality of life.

Denture Pain Caused by Changes in Bite Force

The muscles in your mouth were designed to chew with a full mouth of teeth. Over the years, changes in the size and shape of your teeth may have led to changes in bite force, but that’s nothing compared to the change that most dentures put your mouth through. Uneven bite force can lead to pain and irritation in your mouth, as well as soreness in your muscles.

Denture Pain Caused by Bone Structure

The shape of your jawbone includes sockets that held your teeth and rises between the sockets, all aligned along an alveolar ridge that is high and narrow. Sometimes the shape of your bones creates sharp points that can lead to individual points of pain and irritation. In the past, the only remedy for this was surgery to grind down your bones.

How The Denture Fountain of Youth® Relieves Denture Pain

All of your denture pain boils down to the fact that your gums were never meant to support your teeth. Your teeth were supported by your jaw bone, but traditional dentures try to put the force of your teeth onto your gums, which will inevitably lead to irritation and pain.

FOY® Dentures are different from traditional dentures. Because they are designed on neuromuscular dentistry principles, they don’t put the full pressure of biting onto your gums—they are partly supported by the muscles in your mouth. This will reduce or eliminate your denture pain—no matter the cause.

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