A new short film by Maria de Castro highlights the links between the sense of taste and memories. It’s an evocative, sensual rambling that doesn’t make any grand philosophical pronouncements. The short simply wanders like its protagonist down the corridors of memory, exploring the various associations of flavor and memory.

Man eating a piece of jelly toast

Memories and Flavors Linked

In this short, the protagonist finds she has lost her sense of taste and tries to remember what things tasted like. As a result, she ends up exploring her past through the various flavors he’s enjoyed.

The protagonist remembers the sweetness of youth, with childhood afternoons spent in her grandmother’s house, which was packed with cakes, cookies, even bread and jam. She then remembers the saltiness of adolescence when she first tasted oysters and played at love with a young boy at the seashore.

This is followed hard upon by the bitterness of love turned bad: a night spent alone in a hotel having been spurned by a lover.

Finally, this becomes the acidic tang of trying to forget a love gone sour. Strong acrid drinks in a bar and the taste of other lips flavored sour from their own quest for forgetfulness.

The short is a powerful statement on the link between our sense of taste and our memories, but also a warning on the dangers of living life in memory. When today is lost, all our yesterdays can loom large over us, and the almost inevitable end of that wandering is sadness at the days gone by.

Don’t Leave All the Flavor in Your Past

Let’s be clear: nothing will ever taste as wonderful as your grandmother’s cooking. You will likely never enjoy anything so stimulating as those days of early adolescence when you were discovering the flavors of freedom, friendship, and love.

But that doesn’t mean life doesn’t have a lot of flavors left to enjoy. And what flavors may have lost in piquancy, they have gained in discretion, as your subtle, educated palate is better able to sort and sift the essential elements of foods and drinks to extract the best of everything. If you let it.

Traditional dentures can limit your food options and damage your sense of taste. Implant dentures can help. They will give you a wider range of foods and a stronger sense of taste. We want to use this metaphor to encourage you not to leave your sense of taste in the past. Give yourself the freedom to keep enjoying the flavors of life today.

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