Lost dentures are a common problem. Many of the replacement dentures we make are just for replacing dentures that were accidentally misplaced.

A set of traditional dentures sitting in a glass of water, soaking

But lost dentures doesn’t have to be a common problem. There are always accidents that just can’t be avoided, but if you take proper care of your dentures, you can avoid losing them. Here are some tips for keeping from losing dentures.

Get Properly Fitting Dentures and Regular Relines

If you have traditional dentures, a certain amount of movement in the dentures is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be so much that your dentures will regularly fall out. Instead, your dentures should be able to stay in place in most situations, including eating, talking, and laughing. If you keep losing your dentures during these activities, they were probably never fitted properly.

And don’t forget that the fit of your dentures will change over time. As bone is resorbed (removed) under your denture, the dentures will not fit as well. But regular denture relines can help maintain the proper fit with dentures. And both the proper fitting of dentures and regular relines can help you avoid denture pain.

Wear Your Dentures All Day (Usually)

As long as you keep your dentures in your mouth, you always know where they are. It’s when you take them out that you’re at risk of losing them. So don’t take them out most days. Proper fit of your dentures can make this a lot easier, but it’s also important to learn how to function with dentures, including eating, talking, and other activities.

One common place where people take out their dentures and then regret it is at a restaurant. Many people take dentures out to eat because their dentures aren’t actually functional. But then the denture gets left on the table, and never reunited with their owner.

Keeping your dentures in all day –even when you’re home alone watching TV.

Take Your Dentures out for High-Risk Activities

While it’s true that you should usually keep your dentures in during the day, there are some times when you want to take them out. This includes activities where you’re likely to lose your dentures, such as skydiving. When you should keep your dentures in and when you should take them out depends on the activity and how well your dentures fit.

And remember to take dentures out at night. Not only does wearing dentures overnight increase your risk of pneumonia, it also increases the risk that you will swallow your dentures.

Keep a Carrying Case for Dentures

You might be tempted to not have a carrying case for your dentures because you plan on keeping them in. But you have to remember that life doesn’t always go as planned. There are some times you’ll want to take your dentures out. And when that time comes, you’re less likely to lose dentures if you have a case for them.

A denture case is easy to fit in your purse or clutch, even in pants pockets. Get in the habit of carrying your denture case in the same place. That way, you’ll always know where to look for your case and won’t actually lose it, too.

Always Soak Dentures in the Same Place

There are many good reasons why you should soak dentures overnight. And if you’re going to soak your dentures overnight, putting them in the same place every day means that you will always know where to look for your dentures in the morning.

If you think it might help, consider getting a denture vault, which is an attractive and concealed place to soak dentures overnight. That could encourage you to get in the habit of always putting your dentures in the same place overnight.

Get Fully Fixed Dentures

Of course, the best way to be sure you won’t lose dentures again, is to not be able to remove them. Permanent dentures that are attached to the bone by dental implants won’t ever come out of your mouth so you won’t ever misplace them accidentally.

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