There are many places offering inexpensive dentures that you can get after just one visit. Whether you’re replacing your old dentures or getting your first set, the thought of being able to get your dentures in just one visit might seem good. After all, it conserves your most precious resource: time.

But there’s more to the story than you might think.

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Do You Really Save Time?

This seems like a no-brainer: with just one visit to get your dentures, of course this takes less time than traditional dentures, or a set of neuromuscular dentures like FOY® Dentures. So these cheap dentures must take less time.

Or do they? With poorly fitting dentures, you might end up spending more time at the dentist dealing with denture sores. And you’ll be going back to this dentist to try to get your dentures refitted again and again. You will also have to replace your dentures more often, which means that you’ll be spending more time at the dentist getting your next set fitted or relined. Put all that together, and it’s hard to say that you’re really saving time.

Do You Really Save Money?

But one-visit dentures are certainly cheaper, right? They’ve got the dentures already made and all they do is stick them in your mouth. Surely there’s no way that ends up costing more money.

Sure, the initial cost of one-visit dentures may be lower, but over the long run, you may not end up saving any money. All the things we talked about above–refits, replacements, and doctor’s visits–these aren’t free. Overall, your final cost might be much higher with these cheaper dentures.

And the Experience Is Much Worse

Many people report how unpleasant it is getting their dentures made at these 1-visit dentures factories. The goal is to rush patients in and out as quickly as possible, so the dentist is spending barely any time with you. And when you go back for refits, they are rarely happy to see you.

Plus, the experience of actually wearing your 1-visit dentures is not good, either. Your dentures impact your life on a daily basis: don’t subject yourself to these cheap, poorly fitting dentures.

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