You might be considering getting better dentures , but you don’t like the idea of making an appointment with a denture dentist, then going through the complicated process of getting quality dentures fitted, which can take three visits. You might be thinking that you will get one-visit dentures next time to save yourself the visits.

What you don’t realize is that keeping your current dentures or getting one-visit dentures will actually cost you time. Here’s how.

A fork sitting next to a plat with a set of dentures on it

Where Are My Dentures?

If your dentures are poorly fitted, worn, or otherwise uncomfortable, you’re more likely to take them out at any opportunity. This means that you could be leaving your dentures all over the house, and when it’s time to put them in, you spend time looking around for them.

If you tend to take your dentures out for eating, it can be even worse because you might leave them behind at a restaurant.

And remember, if you get permanently affixed implant dentures, you’ll never have to look for them.

Do I Have to Replace My Dentures Again?

You might save time on this one denture fitting, but you’ll pay it back with repeated visits for refitting and frequent relinings, and then the inevitable visit for replacement denturesPoor denture fit can lead your dentures to wear out more quickly.

You’re also more likely to break your dentures if you’re taking them out more frequently because they’re uncomfortable. Even if you attempt denture repairs at home, you’re probably going to have to have your dentures repaired professionally.

Discomfort and Doctor’s Visits

If your dentures are uncomfortable, resulting in sores on your gums that don’t heal, you may end up visiting your doctor or dentist more often. Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause the sores directly, or they might allow more food and liquid to accumulate under them, leading to sores.

Poorly fitting dentures might also increase your risk for mouth infections like thrush and sores outside your mouth like cheilitis, both of which can be painful and a nuisance to treat.

Invest Time Wisely

You might think you’re doing the right thing by getting cheap dentures, but the truth is that you’re probably being minute wise and hour foolish. Taking the time to get your dentures fitted properly today will save you time in the long run.

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