If you have uncomfortable or poorly fitting dentures , you’re going to find that your daily life is dramatically impacted. From waking up in the morning until going to bed at night, many of your activities are impacted. Here are just a few.

Mature couple enjoys breakfast together

Getting Ready in the Morning

When you first wake up in the morning, dentures can be a challenge getting your day started. If they’re uncomfortable to wear, it can be hard to force yourself to put them in. But like staying in your pajamas all day, not putting your dentures in makes it hard for you to keep up an active, productive life. And here’s the problem, too: not wearing your dentures can also lead to discomfort. Your dentures help support your jaw, and without them, you can find your jaw growing sore over time, or your jaw joint may become displaced, which leads to pain or dysfunction.

Your Appearance

One of the things you’ll do while getting ready in the morning is assessing your appearance. If you have poorly fitting dentures, you may be unhappy with that appearance. Not only may you be unhappy with the appearance of the dentures themselves: plastic teeth that look fake and/or generic–you may also be unhappy with the appearance of your face due to sunken lines and wrinkles.


Eating with poorly fitting dentures is definitely a challenge, and it starts in the morning. There are many breakfast foods that you just won’t be able to eat, so eating out can be a challenge. Steak and eggs may be out–even chicken-fried steak. And then there are fresh vegetables. You don’t want to be in the group of people that takes their dentures out for eating–your dentures should be functional.


It may take a few months to adapt to speaking with your dentures in, but if your dentures are poorly fitting, you might never be able to speak clearly. If your dentures slip out of place regularly, your speech will be negatively impacted, especially if you’re trying to talk loudly.

And while we’re mentioning talking loudly–your laughing will also be impacted. Even your ability smile.

Balance and Activity

Your jaw plays an important role in helping to stabilize your core. If your dentures don’t fit properly, or if they’re so uncomfortable that you don’t wear them often, you will find that your activity is limited. You will have trouble with balance and your strength will be negatively impacted, too.


Your jaw is the major support for your airway. Your dentures define the position of your jaw. If your dentures aren’t properly fitted, you may find your breathing affected. Many people with poorly fitting dentures find that they have become loud breathers–essentially snoring even when awake–either because of the way their dentures fit, or because they don’t wear them.

Life with Dentures Can Be Better

You may be resigned to the impact dentures have on your life because you think that it just can’t get any better, but that’s not true. Your life with dentures can be better because dentures can be better. The Denture Fountain of Youth ® helps rejuvenate your appearance because it helps us make dentures that are ideally fitted to your face, your jaw, and your muscles. This not only leads to improved appearance–it leads to improved function. All the ways that your dentures impact your daily life can be improved. You won’t constantly be aware that you’re living with dentures–you’ll just be aware that you’re truly living. And remember: you’re only as old as you feel.

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