If you are unhappy with the way your dentures are making you look older, it’s time to get new dentures. Dentures don’t have to make you look older. In fact, quality dentures can turn back the clock and help you look dramatically younger.

Not only that, but they can actually slow the aging process and help you look younger for longer.

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Rejuvenating Your Smile

When people see you, they pick up on the cues your smile is giving them. If you have old or poorly designed dentures, they can be giving the wrong signals.

Dentures that are stained or off-color will make you look older, since people equate stained teeth with age. But dentures that are too white can also be a problem. They will look artificial and if people know you have dentures they will assume that you’re older.

Worn dentures can also make you look older. The size and shape of teeth are clues that people pick up on when judging your age. If your dentures are worn down, it will make you look older.

But quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures are designed to restore your youthful smile. Using the highest quality cosmetic dentistry materials for the teeth and gums, these dentures will give your smile a youthful appearance that is also natural and won’t give itself away as being dentures.

Rejuvenating Your Face

But it’s not just about the smile. When you lose your teeth–and, really, as you age anyway –your body removes volume from the jawbone. Combined with the loss of teeth, this causes the collapse of your lower face, which leads to many signs of aging, such as:

  • Sunken lips and cheeks
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Jowls
  • Poorly defined chin
  • Turkey neck

Most dentures do a poor job of remedying this problem. They replace only part of the volume lost. They don’t help you look younger.

But FOY ® Dentures are designed to restore the full volume lost in your lower face. They can easily eliminate sunken lips and cheeks, and can dramatically reduce these other signs of facial aging. You’ll be delighted at how much younger you look.

Keep Looking Young

One important aspect that sets FOY ® dentures apart from other dentures is that they not only help you look younger, they can help you keep looking younger for longer.

Even when poor quality dentures help you look younger, the effect doesn’t last. The dentures are vulnerable to staining, which can make them look unattractive quite quickly.

The problem of lost volume also returns quickly with poor quality dentures. The dentures themselves are often made of cheap materials that wear out quickly. And the bone loss in your face will continue. Plus the poor fit of dentures can actually make the bone loss accelerate.

But FOY ® Dentures are designed to give long-lasting attractive results. The materials used resist staining and wear so your smile will look youthful for longer. And the optimal denture fit means that they won’t speed bone loss in your jaw.

And when you have them made as implant dentures, they can actually stop the bone loss in your jaw so you maintain an attractive, youthful appearance for years.

Find the Fountain of Youth

There’s no way to actually make yourself younger, but you can make yourself look younger. FOY ® Dentures are designed to turn back the clock on your appearance and help you restore the way you looked years, even decades ago.

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