If you look at before and after pictures of denture wearers, you may have noticed that they seem to smile a little differently in the two pictures. You may be concerned that getting dentures might make your smile look unattractive, but the truth is just the opposite: when properly done, dentures will improve your smile.

Your Smile Has Already Been Affected

When you look at yourself smiling in the mirror now, you might think that what you’re seeing is your “natural” smile. Although it’s true that this is the smile you’ve developed naturally, if you compare pictures of yourself today with those from many years before, you can see that the smile you have now is not the smile you used to have.

Over time, your teeth have worn down (and possibly been lost), causing significant changes to your smile. The result is that your smile has changed shape in many ways. Most noticeably, you probably show a lot less of your teeth than you did in the past, but it’s probably flatter and more compressed, too.

Your Smile Can Be Restored

Dentures will inevitably result in a different smile than you have now. The muscles that cause you to smile drape over your teeth now, and when those teeth are replaced by dentures, the different shape will result in a different appearance.

We can make sure that the new smile looks as much like your youthful smile as possible Many dentures are made without taking proper account of how the muscles interact with your dentures, but The Denture Fountain of Youth® use a dynamic impression method. That means we stimulate your jaw muscles during the impression process to help us get a clearer picture of the interaction between dentures and muscles. This helps us ensure a proper fit for your dentures, and helps us give you the most natural-looking smile proportions.

Combine that technique with the most advanced principles in cosmetic dentistry and you’ll find that you may end up with the best smile of your life.

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