Some dentures are avowedly cheap dentures. You know that because they tell you: cheap dentures is somewhere in the name or in the advertising. Maybe economy dentures or value dentures is used as a substitute.

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But other dentures claim to be quality dentures, and you’re just not sure. If you want to be sure, ask these four questions:

  • How are the dentures fitted?
  • Are the dentures secured?
  • What are the teeth made of?
  • How is the base made?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you will know for sure whether you’re buying quality dentures or not.

How Are the Dentures Fitted?

You can tell the quality of dentures by the thoroughness of their fit. Cheap dentures are fitted to your gums. Traditional dentures are fitted to your mouth. Quality dentures, though, are fitted to your entire face.

With cheap dentures, the denture is actually already made. It comes in a few predetermined sizes, and it’s just fitted using a simple impression of your gums. The dentures are probably a bit on the big side, but they’ll have to do because there are limited sizes available.

Traditional dentures are designed to fit into your mouth. They are not only fitted to your gums, they’re also custom-sized to your mouth.

Quality dentures like FOY® Dentures are designed using a more comprehensive fitting process. FOY ® Dentures use neuromuscular principles to ensure that the dentures are properly sized so that they fully support the soft tissues of your lower face by replacing all the volume lost in teeth and bones. And because they’re fitted to the muscles of the jaw and not just the mouth, they are more comfortable and don’t contribute to bite problems.

How Are Dentures Secured?

Most dentures aren’t really secured in your mouth. They are sort of held in place using only suction. The base of the denture creates a seal against your gums, causing a partial vacuum under the denture, which creates a small amount of force holding it in place. Because this force depends on the amount of surface area a denture has, dentures tend to the large size, and the upper denture is held in place a lot better than the lower denture.

But implant dentures are much better because they use dental implants to hold the dentures in place. This means that the denture is secured essentially the same way your natural teeth were, and it means that your denture can function just as well as your natural teeth did, allowing you to eat a full variety of foods.

What Are the Teeth Made of?

Cheap dentures are always looking to cut costs, and one area where they do that is in the teeth. Cheap denture teeth are made of the same material as the base: plastic. These can look decent at first, although they are more vulnerable to staining over time.

And plastic teeth may not give you the bite you want from your dentures. They just aren’t sharp enough and hard enough.

But with quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures, ceramic teeth are used. Not only are these teeth highly attractive, as attractive as cosmetic dentistry restorations, but they’re hard and sharp to give you maximum chewing ability.

How Is the Base Made?

Most dentures use a base of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), which is durable and biocompatible.

But there are many different ways to make a PMMA base for dentures. If the denture base is made using a low density PMMA, the denture will be more susceptible to staining and will pick up more odors. It may also be more likely to break.

High-density PMMA is more durable, more stain resistant, and more odor resistant. It also looks better, and in the best dentures, special techniques are used to improve the appearance of the denture even more. For example, the inclusion of fibers to mimic blood vessels in the denture works well. A special layering process can be used to give the denture a translucency more like that of natural gum tissue.

If You’re Looking for Quality Dentures

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