The thing most people dislike about their dentures is that they simply don’t fit well. This isn’t something you have to live with. Dentures can and should be made to fit properly, so if you’re seeing any of these signs of poor denture fit, you should consider getting your dentures refit or replaced.

Dentures Slip

This is the most obvious sign of poorly fitting dentures: they move around in your mouth. Your dentures may have problems with retention, which means they lift up off your gums, or with stability, which means they move around from side to side. You can read more about the aspects of denture fit , and know that if your dentures are moving around, they are not fitting properly.

Denture Sores

Perhaps you don’t notice your dentures move around. The movements may be small and subtle, but they may leave their mark in the form of denture sores. Denture sores occur when your dentures repeatedly move away and hit against your gums. Properly fitting dentures will not cause sores.

Denture Pain

The pain from dentures may be caused by denture sores, but this isn’t the only cause of denture pain. Instead, denture pain may be caused by uneven pressure from your dentures. If your dentures don’t sit properly in your mouth, they may cause some parts of your mouth to suffer more pressure than other parts. These high-pressure points can be painful. Not only that, but they can speed up the rate of bone loss associated with dentures.

Trouble Eating

Even with the best-fitting dentures, you may not be able to eat all the same foods you enjoyed before you lost your natural teeth, but you should be able to eat a wide variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. If you find that your dentures are just making it too hard to eat and you’re restricted to a very limited diet, poorly fitting dentures are likely to blame.

Dentures Are Hard to Clean

Your dentures will always get food particles and plaque on the outside, but if you’re starting to notice that food is getting up under the denture, then your dentures don’t fit properly. Properly fitting dentures should create a tight seal with your gums, preventing food from getting up under them.

Denture-Related Infections

Without a tight seal, it’s not just food that’s getting under your dentures. Bacteria and even fungus can get under there, and this can lead to infections. Often, thorough cleaning can prevent this, so the first thing to consider is whether you’re properly cleaning your dentures. If you are cleaning them thoroughly, it may be time for new dentures.

A Better Fit with FOY® Dentures in Columbia, SC

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