There are many reasons why dentures are not very popular. The bad news is that most denture wearers currently suffer with several of these common problems, but the good news is that they don’t have to keep suffering– The Denture Fountain of Youth® have been designed to fix these problems and give you comfortable functional dentures that you will love.

Dentures Fall Out or Move

This complaint is the basis of the entire denture adhesive industry. So many people are unhappy with movement in their dentures that several pharmaceutical companies are able to keep making money off of denture glue. However, FOY Dentures® are designed to give you a better fit. Using a dynamic impression process, FOY Dentures® are made with an exact awareness of where your muscle margins are, not just when your mouth is relaxed, but when you’re chewing, talking, and more.

My Bite Doesn’t Feel Right

One of the big innovations in The Denture Fountain of Youth® is the incorporation of neuromuscular principles into denture manufacture. Our denture dentists are neuromuscular dentists who understand the way your bite is supposed to work and therefore how it’s supposed to feel. This means you will get a more comfortable bite with your new dentures.

They’re Uncomfortable

One of the problems with dentures is that they sit on top of your gums, which were never intended to support the force of biting and chewing. Although gums will often toughen up during the wear-in period of dentures, uneven forces can lead to pinch points and pain in your gums.

FOY Dentures® are designed to make your dentures more comfortable by evenly distributing bite forces to reduce the incidence of pinch points. And because some of the forces are distributed to your biting muscles using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, you will be happy with how comfortable your new dentures are.

I Can’t Eat the Foods I Want

A poor fit, irregular bite, and discomfort are the three things that normally keep people from eating certain foods with dentures. By taking care of all these problems, FOY Dentures® make it easier to eat a full range of food.

It’s Hard to Talk

Two problems with dentures can make it challenging to speak clearly. If dentures slip, they can make it hard to talk. You may have trouble making certain sounds, or you may just be so ashamed of your dentures slipping that you may not want to talk in public. Another problem is that some dentures aren’t made with natural teeth proportions, which can interfere with your tongue making certain sounds that rely on your teeth. Although practice speaking helps, it’s best to get dentures that are designed to improve enunciation.

They Make Me Look Older/Unattractive

There are two complaints here that The Denture Fountain of Youth® can help with. People look older with dentures for two reasons: their dentures aren’t tall enough, and the teeth are set back too far. Short dentures lead to excess skin that causes jowls and other symptoms of facial aging. FOY Dentures® are designed to restore your face to its full height. On traditional dentures, teeth are set back in order to improve stability. With a better fit and neuromuscular principles, The Denture Fountain of Youth® can give your teeth a natural position.

And FOY Dentures® are designed using cosmetic dentistry principles to give you a natural-looking smile with proper tooth proportions.

More comfortable, better fitting, and more attractive, too. That’s what sets The Denture Fountain of Youth® apart.