It’s a little known fact that the first plastic surgery society in the US was the American Association of Oral Surgeons, which only accepted doctors who had both medical and dental degrees. It would have been wise to maintain that dual requirement because it seems that modern plastic surgeons have forgotten the role of the mouth in aging.

Conventional Wisdom on Facial Aging

These days, facial aging and rejuvenation are primarily the province of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and they have their own explanation of your facial aging.

Facial aging is caused, in general, by three main factors says the conventional wisdom: changes in the skin and supporting ligaments, the influence of gravity on facial features, and the loss of facial volume.

Jowls and the appearance of deep folds around the mouth are caused by the first two factors. As your skin and ligaments lose their ability to support the fat pad of your cheek, it sags downward, which causes the deep folds around your smile and the appearance of jowls.

The Effects of Your Dentition

But wait, there’s another factor that can influence the appearance of your face. As we age, our teeth become worn down, making them shorter. Eventually, we may lose them altogether, resulting in the need for dentures. This can contribute to the development of jowls and folds around the mouth.

As your teeth shrink, your jaw muscles continues to pull your jaw closed, but the place where your teeth meet continues to move upward, so your jaw does, too. Not only are your cheeks sinking, but your jaw is moving up to meet them.

What Makes The Denture Fountain of Youth® Different

When you get dentures , you will not normally reproduce the youthful configuration of your teeth and jaw. Instead, most dentists will try to reproduce something like the position and configuration of your jaw and teeth as they existed before you lost them. This will maintain your jowls and lines around the mouth as well.

However, FOY® Dentures seek to replicate a more youthful configuration of teeth and jaw to reproduce the proportions your face had when you were younger, naturally reducing or eliminating lines and folds around the mouth as well as your jowls.

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