These days it seems that everyone and their brother is trying to make money online by writing market reports. These market reports sell for thousands of dollars and supposedly include essential insider information crucial to understand the trends in the industry.

Strangely enough, these reports always seem to come to the same conclusion: huge growth is expected. In some cases, these reports may be right, but in other cases they seem overblown. That’s the case for denture adhesive market reports (who buys those?) that claim major growth in the industry, around 7% per year. That forecast seems extremely dubious, and we’ll explain why.

A set of dentures on display

Edentulous Population Is Stabilizing

There’s no two ways about it, America is graying. It has been projected that the number of Americans over the age of 65 will nearly double from 2012 to 2050.

But here’s the kicker: the number of Americans who don’t have any teeth and rely on dentures will likely shrink! How is that possible? Mostly because of the tremendous strides made in helping Americans keep their teeth. In the past, people used to become edentulous (having no teeth) at a rate of about 5-6% per decade (i.e. 25-30% for a 50-59 year olds). But in recent years, that proportion has dropped off significantly. Now it’s only 1-3% per decade (5-15% for 50-59 year olds). With younger Americans having about half the need for dentures as older generations, we’ll see a steep decline in dentures, soo.

In the short term, we may see a slight growth in denture wearers and denture adhesive demand. But there is no way it will reach the 7% level. And there’s no way this will last for more than a few years before the level starts to drop.

Cheap Dentures Growing

There is one factor working in favor of denture adhesive: the expansion of cheap denture chains. Cheap denture chains profit by turning out a high volume of dentures, which means that dentists can’t take too much time fitting them. The result is that the dentures likely don’t fit well to begin with. And because customer service is a low priority at these chains, people often get stuck with poorly fitting dentures and have to rely on denture adhesive.

More Quality Options

On the other hand, quality dentures are also increasing in popularity. Denture systems like FOY ® Dentures that are designed to fit superbly without adhesive will undercut the denture adhesive market quickly.

An even bigger influence on the reduced need for denture adhesive is the growth in dental implants. The dental implant market is growing rapidly, and people who get dental implants are unlikely to ever need denture adhesive.

These two quality denture options will dramatically reduce the demand for denture adhesive.

Denture Adhesive Toxicity Scare

And denture adhesive remains an unpopular product. Not only do people not like using it, many people are afraid of it, thanks to the denture adhesive toxicity incidents in 2008-2011. People who overused denture adhesive experienced nerve damage related to the zinc included in the adhesive.

Although denture adhesives have been reformulated, many people remain leery of these products. And even those who use them are careful not to overuse them. They will use less at a time–the proper practice for adhesive –and may even go days without using adhesive.

Don’t Support a Failing Market

There are many good investments out there: don’t buy stock in the failing denture adhesive industry. Instead, put your money into quality dentures that don’t need adhesives.

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