The holidays are usually a time to show your loved ones how much you care with a gift. But when’s the last time you showed yourself how much you love yourself with a gift? It’s easy to get caught up in making other people feel special that we often forget to make ourselves feel special. Whether it’s treating yourself to your favorite meal, a massage, or a vacation, giving yourself the gift of a great smile is something that will benefit your life every day. If you’re unhappy with your current set of dentures or you know that you’re on the cusp of needing them, discover why you should gift yourself new dentures this holiday season.

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Signs It’s Time For New Dentures

One of the first reasons why you should gift yourself new dentures this holiday season is because they need to be replaced in the first place. You could go the route of economy dentures and do the bare minimum, or you could invest in high-quality dentures that offer a multitude of benefits. Before we get into your ideal denture replacement option, it’s helpful to recognize the signs you need new dentures.

They’re Loose

Your dentures should fit snugly in your mouth and not feel loose when you’re eating, speaking, or smiling. If they are loose, this can indicate that your mouth’s shape has changed since your dentures were initially fitted. It’s usually a result of bone loss. Regardless, if your dentures don’t fit comfortably and stay in place, they either need an adjustment or a complete replacement.

Cracks, Chips, or Broken Teeth

Cheaply made dentures can easily become cracked, chipped, or even have teeth that break off. Unfortunately, repairing your current set of dentures is just putting a bandaid over the problem. The real problem is that the dentures use cheap materials, so no matter how many times you repair them, these problems will keep popping up. The best way to avoid cracks, chips, and breaks in the future is by replacing them.

They’re Stained or Discolored

Cheap denture materials stain and discolor from eating certain foods and drinking coffee, tea, and wine. They can also become discolored from smoking. If your dentures look incredibly stained or discolored, your only option to whiten them is replacing them entirely.

Chewing is Difficult

When your dentures don’t fit correctly, chewing can feel difficult. The purpose of dentures is to give you back your ability to chew, but if you’re still unable to chew correctly, what’s really the point? If chewing is hard, you need a new pair of dentures that correctly fits the shape of your jaw.

They’re Uncomfortable

If they don’t fit correctly, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. Usually, if the fit is off, certain areas of your mouth will experience more pressure than others. This can result in pressure sores, oral sores, or gum irritation. Your dentures shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to wear all day long. If taking them out at the end of the day is the best part of your day, you probably need new dentures.

Your Face Looks Older Than Your Biological Age

One of the side effects of losing your teeth and wearing dentures is bone resorption. The jaw bone does more than just support teeth, it also supports your facial structure. As the bone resorbs, your facial features will start to look flat and result in more wrinkles and loose and sagging skin. This can cause you to look years older than your actual age. If you want to reclaim your youth, you’re going to need a new pair of dentures that support your facial features.

Why You Should Gift Yourself FOY® Dentures with Dental Implants

You probably know by now whether or not you need new dentures. If you do, we highly recommend choosing FOY® Dentures as your best replacement option. The Denture Fountain of Youth® is a major breakthrough in denture design. They utilize neuromuscular dentistry principles in their design to help dentures not rest on the gums and instead work together with the nerves, bones, muscles, and other parts of the mouth. The neuromuscular dentistry design helps the dentures provide a better fit, appearance, support, and function.

One of the best benefits of FOY® Dentures is that they can help shave 20 years off your appearance simply by providing your facial structure with the support it needs to look younger. You can also get dental implants to further support your FOY® Dentures and facial structure. No other denture on the market looks as natural, fits as comfortably, or provides as much support as FOY® Dentures.

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of an amazing new smile this holiday season, contact Smile Columbia Dentistry at (803) 781-9090 today. Our Columbia, SC dentures dentist will tell you if you’re a good candidate for FOY® Dentures with dental implants and further discuss the benefits of FOY® Dentures.