We may lose many things as we get older: our physique, our hair, even our teeth, of course. But we don’t lose our need for human companionship. We still like to be around other people and maintain quality relationships.

However, it can become more challenging to maintain these relationships if we’ve lost some of these other things, especially our teeth. Dating with dentures can be hard, especially if you have low-quality dentures that are hard to keep in or uncomfortable to wear. You might be tempted to try doing without dentures. But as Dear Abby explains, this violates some of the basic rules of relationships, and shows a lack of respect for your partner. If you want someone to stay in a relationship with you, you have to show them that you care enough to do something like wearing your dentures if they want you to.

Happy senior couple looking into one another eyes and smiling

It’s about Making an Effort

Recently, Dear Abby received a letter from an older woman complaining about her partner’s refusal to wear his dentures. This woman had previously dated the man, and they recently came into contact again and resumed their relationship. But there was a big problem: between the two periods of dating, the man had lost all his teeth. He now wears full dentures.

Or, rather, he doesn’t wear them. The dentures that he got fit him so poorly that they are uncomfortable/denture-pain-causes’}}}} and he rarely wears them. This is not unheard of, but it does cause problems in their relationship. She finds him unsexy/the-secrets-to-looking-sexy-in-dentures’}}}} without teeth. She doesn’t even want to kiss him without his teeth in, and when he asks her, she refuses. He gets offended at this, and accuses her of being shallow.

However, Dear Abby didn’t see this as a question of her being shallow. Dear Abby noted that teeth are a major part of a person’s appearance and physical being, and that many women would likely not be happy about kissing a man without teeth.

Ultimately, the problem isn’t about appearance of even the feeling of kissing someone without teeth, Dear Abby says, it’s about making an effort. Not being willing to wear his dentures for hanging around with her shows that he doesn’t really respect her. Since the man is willing to wear his dentures at work, despite the discomfort, he is showing off that she means less to him than his coworkers.

Dentures Don’t Have to Be Uncomfortable

The man has a true problem faced by many denture wearers. Traditional dentures are fit using a system that isn’t very scientific, and it often leads to poor denture fit. Dentures are uncomfortable and hard to wear all day. Many people who have these types of dentures are eager to get them out as soon as possible when they get home. They are reluctant to put them back in after hours.

But dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. They can be fitted better using the scientific method designed for the Denture Fountain of Youth®/foy-dentures’}}}}. This process takes into account not just your gums, but your entire mouth to achieve a more comfortable fit that not only reduces denture pain, but improves the fit of your dentures. Dentures are much better at staying in place, and they are a lot easier to wear.

In addition, implant dentures can improve comfort and function still further. Some of these hybrid dentures are essentially fitted in the mouth so they can’t be removed–they look and function just like natural teeth.

Do It for Love

If you are in are starting up or rekindling a relationship, and you’ve lost your teeth, don’t be surprised if your partner wants you to wear your dentures to help you look your best. If they do, you should show them the consideration of wearing your dentures. And that means you might want more comfortable dentures.

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