Implant dentures are a powerful approach to getting attractive, functional dentures. With implants, your dentures will be more secure, giving you a stronger bite and better ability to bite and chew.

Most people will benefit from dental implants for their lower dentures. Lower dentures are often loose because there isn’t much surface area to secure them, even with the best possible fit. However, some people might also want to get dental implants for both the top and bottom dentures.

Benefits of Implants for Upper Dentures

Whether you actually need them or not, there are benefits of having implants on your upper dentures.

First, implants are going to make your dentures more secure. This can improve your bite force, let you chew normally (instead of learning a different chewing technique), and make it so you never have to worry that your dentures will slip out of place.

But there are other benefits of getting implants for your upper dentures. When dentures don’t need to cover the roof of your mouth to be secure, they can be made smaller so your upper palate is free. This can improve your sense of taste, and it can reduce your sense that dentures are a foreign object in your mouth. These dentures won’t irritate your palate, and they’re less likely to cause gagging.

Implants can also take the force of dentures off your gums. Your gums are soft tissue that’s supposed to surround and support teeth, not take the force of biting and chewing. Implants direct force into the bone rather than letting it rest on your gums.

Because of these benefits, it’s a good idea for everyone to consider getting dental implants for both upper and lower dentures.

If You’re Not Sure about Implants for Upper Dentures

But if the benefits above aren’t enough to convince you that you need implants for upper dentures, you can try just getting implants for your lower dentures at first. While it’s not as good as designing dentures for implants, you can have traditional dentures adapted to work with dental implants after they’ve been made.

Once you get your traditional dentures, you will want to consider all the different factors that might be improved with dental implants.

First and foremost: how is your chewing? Are you able to adapt to chewing with traditional dentures, or are you having to give up too many foods? Also consider other potential functional problems like speaking, and, yes, kissing. If you’re experiencing these problems, implants can help.

Then consider how your implants affect your quality of life. Do you find that you’re unable to enjoy the foods you eat? Does having your dentures in make you want to gag? Do your dentures irritate the roof of your mouth or your gums?

If you find that upper dentures are causing these types of problems, then it’s time to get implants on the top as well as the bottom.

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