Where should you go to buy your dentures? The dentist . . . or a coffee shop? A German chain of coffee shops has decided to start offering dentures and dental crowns as part of their commercial offering.

A Unique Commercial Model

The Tchibo chain of coffee houses is famous for offering an eclectic selection of items for sale. While we might be used to seeing danishes, ground coffee, and mugs–y’know, coffee-related things–for sale at Starbucks, at Tchibo they sell things like pajamas and appliances. Now, they’ve decided to start offering dentures and dental crowns.

This is partly a publicity move. According to a company statement, “It belongs to our concept which is to regularly offer our customers something surprising.” I would definitely say that false teeth belongs in the “something surprising” category.

How It Works

They don’t actually have a dental chair and do fittings right in the coffee shop. Instead, the coffee shop partnered with the firm Dentaltechnik, which imports “inexpensive” dental prosthetics from the Philippines. You fill out a membership form at the dentist office, and you can buy your prosthetics at a serious discount. For example, buying a dental crown through your dentist might cost $407, but your dental membership might reduce that cost to $157, more than a 60% savings. Of course, you still need to go to your dentist to get the prosthetics fit.

Wal-Mart Dentures?

Can you imagine going to Wal-Mart to pick up your dentures off-the-rack? Just pick S-M-L and hope they fit. Some people have said the fit of their economy dentures felt just like that. There was no real customization for their mouth.

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