The Pogues may not be a household name here in the US, but across the Pond in their native Ireland, they are very famous. And equally infamous are the teeth of sometime (well, most of the time) singer Shane MacGowan.

So it’s no surprise that if anyone were to be the focus of a TV special on getting new dentures in Ireland, it would likely be Shane MacGowan. And, considering the Pogues’ biggest hit is “Fairytale of New York,” what has sometimes been described as “ the greatest Christmas song of all time ,” it makes sense that Christmas would be the time for it.

A set of traditional dentures sitting in a glass of water, soaking

A History of Tooth Loss

MacGowan has confessed that the main reason he let his teeth get bad was that he was afraid of the dentist for many years. He said that everyone was afraid of the dentist when he was a kid, and that he had teeth extracted using the string-tied-to-a-doorknob method.

His initially poor oral health became worse and worse over the years due to a combination of drinking, drug abuse, and fighting.

Botched Dentures

MacGowan had lost his last teeth in 2008, so in 2009 he decided to get dentures. Unfortunately, these were considered botched. But he wouldn’t have gotten better dentures if it hadn’t been for the example of his girlfriend, who had implant dentures placed a couple years ago.

MacGowan liked the results so much that he decided to get implant dentures himself. It is remarkable that he was able to overcome his fears because the procedure required six operations in six months to complete.

Great Results

But MacGowan is probably happy that he did get the new dentures. His girlfriend said that the dentures were rejuvenating , knocking 20 years off his appearance. His dentures were modeled after the teeth of actor Michael Fassbender. In addition, MacGowan insisted on the inclusion of a single gold incisor. With his fame, MacGowan probably thinks no one would mistake his dentures for real, anyway, so he thought it would be best to call attention to his false teeth.

In addition, the dentures are highly functional: he was able to eat an apple for the first time in decades.

And were his dental fears justified? Describing the procedure, he’s very bland about the entire issue. “It was a bit swollen for the first few days but I’m feeling good now,” is all he has to say about the procedure.

Why Aren’t You Getting New Dentures?

MacGowan’s story reminds us that anyone can get quality dentures if they decide to make it a priority. Fears of the dentist turn out to be illusory when compared to the ease of most dental procedures. Your results can be beautiful, and can be natural–if you want them to be.

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