You’ve worked hard throughout your life, and you’ve earned your position. You also know that you’re entitled to enjoy the luxury that comes with that position. You know about luxury cars and luxury clothes, but you probably never knew that there was such a thing as luxury dentures.

There is: the Denture Fountain of Youth® is a denture unlike any other, one that stands apart and shows that you are a person who appreciates the finest things.

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An Investment in Time

Luxury demands time. A person who is focused on their needs for today or tomorrow doesn’t have the time to invest in luxury. But luxury isn’t the same as leisure. In some ways, it’s the exact opposite. Because luxury requires that the excess time isn’t merely passed, it’s spent in the pursuit of luxury.

FOY ® Dentures are crafted using a painstaking process designed to create the most luxurious dentures possible. There is a careful fitting process, and there’s also a careful testing process to make sure the dentures will be perfect. And then the dental lab is given the time to create the best dentures they can make.

But beyond the time invested in creating the luxury denture, time must be invested into the process of becoming a luxury denture dentist. Not just any craftsman can make an exquisite creation like FOY ® Dentures. And that’s why our denture dentists are so highly trained. They have both studied the FOY ® Dentures process, as well as spent years acquiring the foundational skills that culminated in them both being named Fellows of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

These are not same-day dentures. These are not throw-away dentures. These are dentures that take time to make, and they’re worth waiting for. Not only because they look and fit beautifully, but because they are designed to last longer than other dentures.

Extraordinary and Exclusive

FOY ® Dentures are not designed for everyone. They’re designed for people who appreciate the quality workmanship and exquisite fit and function of these great dentures.

These are dentures for people who know their teeth have to look impeccable and natural because everyone will be looking. These are dentures for people who know they must speak clearly and fluently because everyone will be listening. And these are dentures for people who know that they don’t want to give up certain foods and limit their diet just because of their dentures.

With FOY ® Dentures, dentures don’t have to look like dentures anymore. They don’t have to sound like dentures, either. And they certainly don’t have to fit or function like dentures anymore.

FOY ® Dentures are designed to be the dentures of choice for people who want to continue enjoying the best in life, even if they’ve lost natural teeth.

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