It’s rare to hear someone claim how much they love their dentures unless they have Fountain of Youth Dentures®. More often than not though, they don’t love their dentures, they simply tolerate them. Although dentures can give you back your ability to eat, speak, and smile with more confidence than with missing teeth, they’re not the best option on the market. At some point, you might consider upgrading your dentures to implant dentures. Discover some of the signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

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1. Your Dentures Slip and Slide

One of the first signs you should upgrade your dentures to implant dentures is if your dentures are slipping and sliding all over the place. Slipping and sliding is a sign that they don’t fit correctly. The only way you will get dentures that don’t slip and slide is if you invest in FOY® Dentures. Even then, they won’t be as secure as any type of dentures supported by dental implants.

When you support your dentures with dental implants, they’re being supported just like natural teeth. The implants are placed inside the jaw and act as tooth roots. Your dentures can’t slip and slide if they’re snugly secured to your jaw.

2. You Have a Lisp

Although most people get used to talking with dentures in and their lisp goes away, this isn’t true for all patients. If your dentures don’t fit you correctly, they can cause you to speak with a lisp. This is because dentures cover the roof of your mouth for adhesive reasons and when the roof of your mouth is covered, it can make speaking more difficult.

When you upgrade your dentures to implant dentures, your dentures no longer need to cover the roof of your mouth. The implant dentures will securely hold your dentures in place and prevent you from speaking with a lisp.

3. You Experience Denture Sores

When dentures fit incorrectly, it can cause them to slip and slide around in your mouth. This increased friction and uneven fit can cause sores to appear on your gums. The painful sores can get infected and make wearing your dentures feel incredibly uncomfortable. What’s the point of getting dentures if they make eating too painful?

With implant-supported dentures, you can say goodbye to denture sores for good. The implants will hold your dentures in place so they don’t slip or slide around to the point where it causes painful sores.

4. Your Gums Hurt

In addition to dentures sores, your gums might also just hurt in general from wearing dentures. This is why dentists recommend taking your dentures out while you sleep. This gives your gums a break from the constant pressure they endure from eating throughout the day.

With implant dentures, you never have to worry about your gums hurting. This is because when you eat, all the pressure goes to your jaw bone just like with real teeth. With dentures, all the pressure goes directly onto your gums.

As a bonus, with fixed dentures, you never have to worry about being toothless at night again.

5. Your Dentures Feel and Look Too Unnatural

Eating, speaking, or smiling with dentures might not feel very natural to you. Your dentures might also not look right for your face shape. In these cases, you likely aren’t very happy with your dentures.

When you upgrade to implant dentures, we won’t just ensure that your dentures function more naturally, we will also help them look more aesthetically pleasing. We offer a wide range of dentures options but our favorite by far is FOY ® Dentures because they’re made with ceramic material and custom-designed to complement your facial features. Traditional dentures are made with plastic and some aren’t even customized for your unique features.

When you visit Smile Columbia for implant dentures, we will make sure your new implant dentures look and function as naturally as possible.

6. The Lower Third of Your Face Has Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

Did you know that when you lose your natural teeth your jaw bone begins to resorb? As it resorbs, it can no longer support your facial features like it once did. Bone resorption can result in sagging skin on the lower third of the face as well as wrinkles around the mouth and nose. These early signs of aging usually come with wearing dentures.

When you upgrade to implant dentures, you will once again have support for your facial features. The dental implants also prevent you from experiencing further bone loss. When you get FOY® Dentures combined with dental implants, you can expect to look years younger!

7. You Lack Confidence

If your dentures make you lack confidence because they don’t fit right and you think people find them noticeable, these are good reasons to upgrade to implant dentures. With implant dentures, you will forget you even have fake teeth and your confidence boost will follow.

8. Your Food Doesn’t Taste That Great

As we stated before, dentures cover the roof of your mouth. What many people don’t realize is that the roof of the mouth actually contains a lot of taste buds. When you wear dentures, you can’t taste food as well as you once did. By upgrading to implant dentures, you can start to taste all your favorite foods completely again!

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