One of the things that people with dentures often feel uncomfortable about is having their dentures sitting around in a glass when people come to visit. They don’t like the embarrassment of people seeing what their dentures look like. For these people, there’s a solution: the Denture Vault.

Hand holding up a glass of water with dentures soaking in it

A Great Way to Hide Dentures

By (almost) all accounts, the Denture Vault is a great product. It’s a fake candle that has a denture soaking cup inside. You put your dentures inside the Vault to soak, and then no one will know that your dentures are soaking. Most reviewers say that the candle looks realistic, and they’re happy to have their dentures out of sight.

Although we can definitely see how some people might benefit from a product like this, it seems like it should have very limited appeal. After all, when you have people over at your house, shouldn’t you be wearing your dentures? It seems that the people who would use the Denture Vault most are those whose dentures are too uncomfortable or nonfunctional to wear for long, so they would tend to take them out at every opportunity, including when they have company visiting. The other reason people state for wanting this product is that it hides their “unattractive” dentures. If dentures are that unattractive, how do you feel about smiling with them, knowing that your smile is the first thing people notice and the last thing they forget about you?

Dentures You Don’t Need to Hide

Of course, another alternative is to get dentures you don’t feel that you need to hide all the time. FOY® Dentures  fit so well that you don’t want to take them out when you have company over, especially because of the way they dramatically rejuvenate your appearance. And when you do have your dentures out, they’re highly attractive. You won’t be ashamed of them and feel the need to conceal them.

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