The challenge of getting good nutrition with dentures is real. People with dentures often find their diet is low in nutrients because they can’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. What’s the solution? When a reader wrote in to the Chicago Sun-Times, they were given the traditional response: you need to put vegetables into the food processor before you eat them.

But we’re going to tell you that there’s another solution: you can get dentures that let you eat all the foods you need to stay healthy. And you won’t need to put them in the food processor first.

A selection of healthy fruits and vegetables

Why Traditional Dentures Limit Food Choices

Traditional dentures alter your chewing in fundamental ways. Because dentures aren’t anchored in your jaw like natural teeth, they can’t give you the same force that you had with your natural teeth. You can’t bite down as hard when dentures rest on your gums. You also can’t use the efficient angled chewing style that you developed with your natural teeth. Instead, you have to chew straight up and down, which gives you limited ability to chew difficult foods.

That’s because traditional dentures are held in place with just suction. Suction isn’t a very effective way to hold dentures in place, and it depends critically on denture fit. Since most dentures are poorly fitted, they don’t have very strong suction. Plus, suction can be broken when food works its way under the denture, which is most common with fibrous foods like steak or with foods that start as or break into small, hard pieces like seeds or nuts.

Food that works under your dentures also causes irritation and bad smells.

An Alternative to the Food Processor

Now, if you want to listen to the traditionalists, the way to get around this is to put your food in the food processor . This basically does much of the chewing for you. That way, you can eat the pre-chewed food, which still has the necessary nutrition you need, including vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Of course, many people are unhappy with this solution because it:

  • Makes food look unappealing
  • Can give food an unappealing texture or taste
  • Adds an inconvenient extra step in eating
  • Makes food go bad faster
  • Isn’t an option when you’re not at home

But what other options are there? We offer two. First, FOY ® Dentures are like traditional dentures in many ways, but their improved fit leads to superior suction that lets them function more like natural teeth.

Even more like natural teeth, though, is an implant denture. Implant dentures are anchored in your jawbone, like your natural teeth. This gives you chewing force and the ability to use the angled chewing technique you developed with your natural teeth. That way, you can eat all the foods you ate before, without extra food processing.

Eat What You Want, Where You Want

When you decide that you are going to blend all your food before you eat it, you’ve decided to accept a lower quality of life. Your food options may be widened, but they’re still constrained. You’ll have to eat most of your meals at home, and you’ll have to accept that you won’t get to enjoy the texture, taste, and outright pleasure of many foods.

But you do have other options. If you are looking for more functional dentures in Columbia, SC, please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.