With increased competition in the job market in recent years, some people have been facing an almost insurmountable barrier to employment: missing teeth. Although we often think that dentures are for people who are retirement age or older, in some places in the US, including South Carolina, large numbers of working-age people have lost significant numbers of teeth. In South Carolina, an estimated 16-19% of adults age 18-64 have lost six or more teeth. The visibility of these lost teeth and related functional problems, such as difficulty speaking clearly, can make it hard for people to get or maintain a job.

Unfortunately, many dentures are designed with older people in mind, and simply aren’t up to serving the needs of working-age adults, who necessarily demand more from their dentures.

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Natural Appearance Matters More

One of the most important factors for younger denture wearers is the appearance of their dentures. While it is acceptable and even expected that older people might have lost some teeth, for younger people, tooth loss and dentures can be an embarrassing reality. Tooth loss also comes with preconceived notions about a person’s education, background, and health. Dentures that give themselves away can be almost as bad as having no denture.

Increased Functional Demands

When you’re working, you’re going to be more concerned about the functionality of your dentures. One important function that matters a lot is being able to speak clearly. In your work environment, you are a lot more likely to be speaking to strangers on a daily basis, and it’s crucial that you can make yourself understood, even on the telephone.

You also don’t want to have to admit that you can’t partake of food at a company function because your dentures just won’t let you eat something. Instead, you want dentures that will let you eat a wide enough selection of foods that you can get through any social occasion without having to admit to your dentures.

A More Active Lifestyle

Most people slow down their tempo of life as they get older. But if you’re a young person wearing dentures, you may not be ready to give up your running or cycling or other sport of choice. Instead, you want dentures that not only sit in your mouth, but do the job your teeth used to do of supporting your jaw, neck, and spine to help you maintain a more active lifestyle.

Dentures That Meet Your Needs

If you want more from your dentures than traditional dentures provide, we can help. Neuromuscular dentures that are designed to be more attractive and more functional than traditional dentures help you live the life you want to live. They are dentures that are designed for people with more energy and more dynamism, who aren’t prepared to slow down any time soon. Remember, you’re only as old as you feel.

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