If you’re unhappy with your dentures, there’s no time like the present to upgrade them. Here’s why it’s a good idea to upgrade your dentures as soon as possible.

Now You Have the Most Bone for Implants

Now is definitely the right time to upgrade if you’re considering implant dentures. Dental implants need to be secured in your jaw bone. Your jaw usually starts with a healthy amount of jaw bone, requiring minimal bone graft, if any. But once you get dentures, the body begins to remove bone. If your dentures don’t fit right, they can even accelerate the process.

The longer you wait to upgrade to implant dentures, the more likely you are to need a bone graft, and the more grafting you will need.

Jaw Issues Are Progressive

If your current dentures don’t fit properly, they can contribute to bite problems like TMJ. You might notice jaw pain or headaches from wearing your dentures. But what you may not notice is the damage that’s being done to your jaw joint.

When replaced early, the damage from poorly fitting dentures won’t be too severe. It can often be stopped and even sometimes reversed with properly fitting neuromuscular dentures like FOY ® Dentures. Your dentures will be more comfortable, and they won’t damage your jaw joints.

Start a Better Life Today

Your dentures can have a major impact on your quality of life. Poor dentures can limit your life significantly. They can impact the number of foods you can eat, and they can limit your ability to be physically active. And unattractive or loose dentures can make you uncomfortable smiling in public.

These issues of having a limited life are also progressive. Every day you accept that this is normal is a day that you begin to grow accustomed to this way of life. You lose contact with friends, and it can be hard to resume that easy friendship. You can lose strength in your limbs and in your jaw. You lose the habit of being and even wanting to be active.

Why would you want to let poor dentures keep limiting your life? Why would you want to spend more days with bad dentures? Instead, take the time today to start truly enjoying life with dentures. Speak with assurance. Eat with strength. Wear your dentures in comfort. And Smile with confidence.

Let Us Upgrade Your Dentures

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