If you have noticed the ads for dentures, you know that most of them are focused on convincing you that one dentist is offering cheaper dentures than another. Dentists offering economy dentures want to convince you that all dentures are basically the same, so you might as well get the cheaper ones.

But the truth is that there is a big difference in dentures, and there are many hidden costs of economy dentures. Here’s why it’s worth it to invest in quality dentures.

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Get Comfortable Dentures

Quality of life matters, and having comfortable dentures can make a big difference. Poor denture fit is probably the most common cause of denture pain/denture-pain-causes’}}}}. Denture pain can make wearing your dentures torture, which means that you are less likely to enjoy eating, going out with friends, or any activity where you want to have your dentures in.

In fact, with uncomfortable dentures, your dentures will probably spend most of their time sitting on the shelf or in a glass of water. You might wonder why you bothered to get dentures at all. Paying for something you don’t use isn’t a bargain–it’s a rip off.

Quality dentures are more comfortable. With better fit and a more even distribution of forces, your dentures will be much easier to wear. You’ll get much better value out of them.

Enjoy More Foods (and Less Indigestion)

Dentures are supposed to make it easier to eat, but many people with cheap dentures actually take them out to eat. The dentures are more of a nuisance when it comes to eating than they are a help.

If your dentures can’t help you eat, you aren’t getting a good value out of them. You have to give up many good foods. Not only that, but you’re more likely to experience indigestion if you’re unable to chew properly. This can potentially rise to the level of food impactions, which can require surgical treatment.

Better dentures, especially implant dentures, can help you chew more effectively. You’ll be able to enjoy more delicious foods. Plus, you’ll have less indigestion (and spend less money on remedies). You could avoid the risk of food impaction and the necessary treatments for that.

Don’t Replace Your Dentures as Often

People are more likely to replace cheap dentures more often. Poor denture fit can make your denture break/what-is-fulcruming-and-why-it-matters-for-your-dentures’}}}}. Not only that, but if you’re not wearing your dentures as much, you are more likely to knock them over or step on them. Not to mention the risk of misplacing your dentures if they spend more time out of your mouth than in. Many of our patients tell us of the drawer full of poorly fitting dentures they have at home.

Quality dentures are made of better material, so they’re less likely to break. They also avoid breaking because they fit better, which balances the forces so they don’t cause unnecessary stress on the denture.

Save Your Precious Time

Replacing dentures doesn’t just cost you money, it costs you time. You have to go and get fitted. You might even be looking for a new denture dentist. In some cases, you might be wasting your time trying to get a refund for your terrible dentures.

And that’s not counting the time you spend looking around for your dentures, which should have been in your mouth the whole time.

And even more than your money, your time is precious: there’s no way to get it back once it’s gone.

Invest in Quality Dentures

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