Implant dentures can lead to many positive effects, including relief from denture pain. However, rarely, some people may experience denture pain related to implant dentures. There are a few different causes for this that can be addressed to make sure you get comfortable, functional results.

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Delayed Healing

Healing is always a very personal variable. Some people heal quickly, and others take longer. If you’ve followed your dentist’s postoperative instructions carefully, you should be on track for healing, just a little slower.

Continue to follow your dentist’s instructions for healing, including going a little easy on your dentures. Make sure you mention discomfort at every follow-up appointment. The sooner your dentist knows about it, the most likely they can save your implants. And if you have constant discomfort, worsening discomfort, or infection symptoms, consider it a dental emergency and contact your implant dentist right away.

Not Enough Support

Another problem might be that your dentures weren’t designed with enough support. Remember, implant dentures can be designed just to hold your dentures in place. In this case, the chewing force of dentures still gets put on the gums.

In that case, many of the common causes of denture pain can still affect you. If these are new dentures, your gums may still toughen up, but, otherwise, it might be time to consider implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures direct chewing force into the bones, avoiding pressure on your gums.

Poorly Fitted Dentures

Denture fit matters just as much if not more with implant dentures. In fact, implant dentures can accentuate problems of fit. Where traditional dentures can slide around in response to poor fit, implant dentures are securely in place, so all the places that aren’t fitted right will be hit again and again with excessive force.

The best solution depends on the case. Sometimes, a simple reline is enough to give your dentures the right fit. Other times, you might need entirely new dentures.

Dentures Not Neuromuscularly Fitted

Unfortunately, implant dentures fitted with the traditional system may not properly integrate with your bite system. They can cause neuromuscular problems that lead to discomfort in your mouth and elsewhere.

If your dentures aren’t fitting using the neuromuscular process, your jaw muscles may not be able to find a good rest position with them. This can lead to jaw clenching, which can cause soreness around the dentures.It can also lead to other TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. But neuromuscular dentures like FOY ® Dentures can relieve these problems.

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