One common complaint people often have about their dentures is that they can get a slimy feeling. There are many possible causes for this, many of which have easy solutions.

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An Unusual Sensation

One reason why your dentures feel slimy is just that they’re a wet surface contacting the roof of your mouth in a new way. If you’re new to dentures, just the normal sensation of wearing dentures might seem slimy. Before dentures, the the thing that contacted the roof of your mouth most was your tongue, which has a rough surface. The smooth surface of dentures might feel slimy by contrast.

If this is the problem, you will grow accustomed to it shortly and they won’t feel slimy anymore.

Liquid Infiltration

Another problem might be that liquid is getting up under your dentures, especially the upper plate. When fluids accumulate under your denture plate, it might make a slimy feeling. This can especially be a problem if you’re experiencing excessive salivation as a result of your dentures.

Quality denture fit can stop a lot of liquids from penetrating into the space between your dentures and your mouth. If you are looking for dentures that fit superbly, then FOY Dentures ® can help.

Even with the best fit, you can sometimes benefit from a small amount of denture adhesive, which helps create a tight seal.

Too Much Adhesive

Of course, while a little bit of adhesive is good, too much can actually create a slimy feeling. Make sure you’re using a thin bead of adhesive where necessary, not a full coating along the dentures.

And, of course, if you find that the small amount of adhesive isn’t working to create the desired seal, you might need to get new dentures that fit properly.

Not Cleaning Dentures Properly

And, of course, dentures might feel slimy if they’re not cleaned properly. Bacteria will grow on your dentures, creating what is known as a biofilm, bacteria that are bonded together with a soft chemical shell. It’s similar to what creates a slimy or fuzzy feeling on your teeth, but there’s a lot more surface area on your dentures. Make sure you’re cleaning your dentures well at night, getting all the adhesive off as well as any biofilms or food residue.

If daily cleaning isn’t sufficient, try cleaning your dentures after every meal to keep them from developing a slimy coating.

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