Right now!

Just kidding. Although there are good reasons why it’s best not to wait when getting implant dentures (such as bone loss , acquiring bad habits related to dentures, and health effects of dentures), there are some factors you should consider when getting rid of your old dentures and replacing them with dental implants.

Mature woman takes a break to smile while talking with friends and family

Upcoming Events

If you want to have your new implant dentures in time for a special occasion like a wedding or public appearance, you have to plan in advance. For almost everyone, six months is adequate time to allow for your implant dentures to be designed, your implants to be placed, and your implants to fully heal. Most people will get their results in three months or less.

This time allows your dental implants to fully integrate with your jawbone. At this point, your implant dentures won’t just look great, they’ll be fully functional, allowing you to speak clearly, eat a full range of foods, and confidently show off your smile.

If you’re just concerned about getting an attractive smile, then you could count on getting your implant dentures about a month before your special occasion. You will be wearing a temporary restoration that may not be fully fixed, but it will still look good and should be reasonably comfortable to allow you to smile and talk at a social event, though eating might still be restricted.

Your Health

If you are currently unhealthy, it’s recommended that you take time to get better before your dental implant procedure. If you are a diabetic having difficulty controlling your blood sugar levels , get a good routine to help maintain a consistent blood sugar as this could help your dental implants heal.

Remember that factors like diet and nutrition make a big difference. It might be a good idea to get dental implants in late spring or early summer because you’re more likely to have high levels of vitamin D during the healing period.

It’s not just physical health that matters. Depression, other mood disorders, and chemical dependencies can put your dental implants at risk, so it’s best to get them under control before trying to get dental implants.

And remember that some medications–such as antidepressants–can have a negative impact on your dental implant success.

The Season

As with many optional procedures, dental implants have a seasonal variation. At some times, dentists tend to be very busy with procedures, while at other times there is much less business. Talk to your implant dentist about when they might prefer you to have your procedure done. There might very well be a seasonal discount available, and at any rate you will find you have a much better experience when the office isn’t so crowded.

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