Many people are unhappy with their unhealthy teeth. They don’t like that their teeth hurt, or that they can’t eat with them. Plus, they don’t like the appearance of cavities and gum disease.

But often when we ask these patients if they want denture, the response is an automatic and emphatic “No!”

This is justified to some extent:traditional dentures just aren’t a good replacement for your teeth. However, modern denture options are better and might be worth considering if you’re unhappy with your natural teeth.

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The Problems with Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures leave a lot to be desired when it comes to replacing your teeth. First, because these dentures rest on your gums, they don’t let you bite and chew normally. You can’t use the chewing pattern you’re used to, which is angled. This chewing pattern dislodges traditional dentures, so you need to learn to chew in a more up-and-down method, which isn’t as efficient, so chewing takes longer.

Not only is your chewing pattern inefficient, you can’t bite down with as much force as you’re used to. That’s because instead of being anchored in your bone, traditional dentures just rest on your gums, which are likely to be tender and sore because they aren’t up to the task of bearing these bite forces.

As a result, you have to give up many of your favorite foods, and the ones you can keep eating, you have to cut into small pieces and eat carefully and slowly. You might not be relegated to a soft foods diet, but it’s pretty close.

But it isn’t just biting and chewing that dislodges dentures. They can come out almost spontaneously, leading to embarrassing moments when you talk, laugh, kiss, or even just smile without properly seating them first.

Between the eating difficulties and the embarrassment, it’s no wonder why people are reluctant to get dentures.

Modern Dentures Are Better

But don’t despair: modern dentures are better. In fact, we have two ways to give you a better denture experience.

First, FOY® Dentures let us give you dentures that are more secure than traditional dentures. They fit more securely, improving your ability to bite and chew–plus, they can rejuvenate your facial appearance by restoring your youthful proportions. FOY® Dentures are the best option for people who don’t want to have surgery.

But if you’re willing to have dental implant surgery, implant dentures can provide you with some even better benefits. Dental implants are secure in your jaw, just like natural teeth. This means that you can bite and chew normally with them. They stay securely in place for all situations–and you get to eat all the foods you love.

Don’t Fear the Dentures

In the past, people were justified in not wanting to get dentures. Losing your natural teeth and getting dentures meant you would have a much lower quality of life. But with modern dentures, your quality of life can be just as good as with natural teeth–even better if your natural teeth are painful, don’t function well anymore, or are unattractive.

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