If you broke your dentures, you’re probably looking at the circumstance as a nuisance at the very least, and possibly a major upset in your life. But like many things in life, what seems at first like a stroke of bad luck is actually an opportunity. If you are like many denture wearers, you were probably unhappy with your dentures, anyway. Let’s remind you why you’re secretly glad your dentures broke and are happy for the opportunity to upgrade them.

A bottom denture

They Were Uncomfortable

Chances are pretty good that your dentures got broken because you took them out and put them down on an end table while you were watching TV. Then the table got knocked over and your dentures broke.

Why’d you take them out? Because they were too uncomfortable to keep in. They disturbed you when you were watching TV, reading, or working around the house.

But dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. They can be made so they fit you properly. They can be made so you’re actually more comfortable with your dentures in than you are with them out.

They Weren’t Good for Eating

Want to hear something ironic? Many people feel they’re more comfortable eating without their dentures. They take them out to eat, finding they’d rather be limited to soft foods than deal with the awkward clashing of the poorly fit plates in their mouth.

This isn’t how dentures were meant to be. Dentures are supposed to be for eating, and if they’re no good for that, it’s definitely time to upgrade your dentures to ones with real bite — ones that will let you eat raw vegetables and bite right into an apple if that’s what you want.

They Didn’t Stay In

If your dentures broke because they fell out of your mouth when you were talking, we say, “Good riddance!” After all, if you couldn’t count on them to stay in your mouth when speaking forcefully, then you probably felt self-conscious every time you were wearing them in public. And what good is that?

We want you to have dentures that make you feel totally secure and give you the confidence to speak your mind as loudly and as emphatically as you want.

They Broke in Your Mouth

It’s unfortunate to have dentures fall out of your mouth, get dropped, or get knocked on the ground and break. It’s another thing entirely to have them break in your mouth, suddenly leaving you with sharp edges and a sense that it’s you who’s falling apart.

Dentures might break in your mouth because they’re made of a cheap material that just can’t stand up to the forces of your bite, but it’s more common for them to break because of poor fit.

When dentures aren’t properly balanced in your mouth, they can rock back and forth and bend because of the imbalanced forces. These imbalanced forces then create stress cracks in the dentures that causes them to split apart, often right down the middle.

Properly balanced dentures made of quality materials won’t break in your mouth and will stand up to the forces of your bite.

You Never Liked Them Anyway

Maybe your dentures didn’t break for any reason that was their fault. Maybe you just dropped them while cleaning them.

But then when you looked at the broken pieces in the sink, or swept them up off the floor, you realized just how inadequate these dentures were for you, how you never felt quite yourself when wearing them. And you realized that you want better dentures — dentures that look great, feel great, and give you the confidence to be great.

That’s the kind of dentures we think you deserve, and that’s why we offer FOY® Dentures which we believe are the best dentures available anywhere.

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