Summer is a wonderful time. There’s so much to do and so many wonderful things to see, and with the right dentures, there’s no reason not to enjoy them all. Unfortunately, not all dentures are up to the challenge, and, as a result, it’s not uncommon to lose your dentures while trying to enjoy summer fun, whether it’s just you or if you’re taking your grandkids out for experiences they’ll never forget.

Here are some of the places you might lose dentures, and how quality dentures can help you hold on to them.

Mature couple enjoying a roller coaster

Road Trips

There’s nothing for summer like the open road. Whether you’re in a camper, a car, or a motorcycle, seeing this beautiful country from coast to coast never gets old.

But with all the wonderful sights to see, there are also many opportunities to lose your dentures. If your dentures are uncomfortable, you might take them out for driving, for walking, or for eating. And if you get used to being without your dentures, you’re likely to walk off without them. You can leave your dentures behind at rest stops, roadside attractions, restaurants, even in the middle of the highway.

But with more comfortable and functional dentures, you’re less likely to take them out so often. And the less you take them out, the less likely you are to lose them.

Visiting the Beach

South Carolina has some of the best beaches in the country. It’s great to head down for the day and enjoy the sun and the water. If your dentures are uncomfortable, you might take them out, and then with all the crowding on the beach they might get kicked and lost.

Or if you’re enjoying the waves, you might find that you lose them when a wave turns you over. And once they’re out of your mouth, dentures are probably lost in the ocean.

But better fitting dentures are, again, more likely to stay in your mouth. They are less likely to get lost that way. And if they fit properly, you won’t lose them in the waves.

Water Park

If you get out to enjoy all the fun at the water park, you may end up losing your dentures. Not only are you getting rolled over in the water at the bottom of the water slide, but you’re probably yelling and having a good time as you go down the fast slides.

There’s a little bit better chance of finding dentures lost in the water park, but not much. Dentures are one of the more common finds at these parks.

Quality dentures with a tight fit are less likely to get lost. Implant dentures are even more secure and can really help you.

Roller Coasters

Amusement parks are even more likely to cause your dentures to get lost. It’s almost as if a roller coaster is designed to make you lose your dentures. The coaster is set up to get you scared and excited so you’ll scream. And then when the coaster turns suddenly, it can pull your dentures out.

Dentures are one of the more common finds at Disney World, for example, especially near the bigger roller coasters.

Well fitting dentures are less likely to fly out on the roller coaster. But if you really want to keep your dentures secure on all the rides, implant dentures are the right call.

Bar Hopping

You may not be as young as you once were, but when you get together with your mates after a long time apart, someone usually comes up with the idea of hitting the bars like you used to.

Again, you’re not as old as you used to be, and this usually doesn’t end well. After a few drinks, you’ll probably be wanting to pull out your uncomfortable dentures while you drink. And because your memory is impaired, you’re likely to leave your dentures behind.

More comfortable dentures can help, but if you really want dentures that are impossible to forget, you should get hybrid dentures that you can’t remove.


Another occasion that centers on food, you’d think that you’d keep your dentures in your mouth and not forget them. But, unfortunately, for many people, dentures are too uncomfortable for eating. And that’s when the trouble starts. You might remove your dentures because they’re uncomfortable, but then it becomes easy to lose them in all the rubbish that accumulates at these family functions. And not everyone is looking out for your dentures when they’re cleaning up the trash!

The best way to avoid losing dentures at a barbecue is making sure they’re functional for eating all the foods you’ll see at the barbecue. With FOY ® Dentures, you’ll find that you can eat a full range of foods, even steak and corn on the cob.

Extreme Sports

You may be older, but you’re not dead. You’ve got a lot of energy, still, and you know that it’s time to enjoy some of the extreme experiences that weren’t available or that you were too scared of when you were younger. Skydiving, bungee jumping, dirt biking–these are just a start.

But what do all these high-octane activities have in common? They can really lead to you losing your dentures. Just open your mouth while you’re falling or bouncing, and your dentures are gone. Really gone. There’s no chance of finding them.

This is another occasion where quality, hybrid dentures are essential. They can stay in your mouth no matter how fast the wind is whipping by–or how loud you’re screaming!

Get Replacement Dentures You Can Keep

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