If you want to make sure you get quality dentures, you need to start by asking your dentist some important questions. After all, it’s your dentist who will control the quality of your dentures, so you need to know everything you can about them and the dentures they’re offering. Here’s a list of questions to ask to make sure your dentist is capable and prepared to offer you the quality dentures  you’re looking for.

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Where Did You Learn to Fit Dentures?

All dentists learned the basics of denture fitting in dental school. However, the procedure for fitting dentures taught in dental school is often old-fashioned, unscientific, and out of date. To be able to offer quality dentures, a dentist should have expanded their denture education by pursuing postgraduate denture-focused classes.

Do You Offer Different Types of Dentures?

Some dentists just offer economy dentures. They see dentures as a quick and easy way to get revenue by not investing much time in their patients. If a dentist only offers one type of dentures, they’re probably not going to be high quality dentures.

Instead, you are looking for a dentist who will offer many different types, including implant denturesFOY® Dentures, and more. You should also be able to get dentures made out of different types of materials, including PMMA, different types of ceramic, and a combination of PMMA and ceramic.

Can I Customize My Dentures?

Many dentists fit dentures “out of the box.” The dentures come as they are with a standard set of teeth that look like pretty much every other cheap denture out there.

However, quality dentures can be customized in many ways. You can adjust the color of the denture base to match your natural gums, the teeth can be individually shaped–you can even get minor imperfections added that help your dentures look more natural.

How Often Do You Fit Dentures?

Fitting dentures is like any other type of dental skill: it takes regular practice to maintain. If a dentist is rarely fitting dentures, they may not be in good practice.

Can I Talk to Your Current or Former Patients?

Some dentists don’t want you to talk to previous patients, because these patients won’t have anything good to say about them. However, a dentist who is providing quality care will likely have many patients who are willing to talk to you about their experience. This is even better than reading patient reviews (which you should also do) because you can gauge how truly excited a previous patient is about their experience at this denture dentist. And you get the opportunity to ask your specific questions.

Are You Looking for Quality Dentures in Columbia, SC?

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