Quality dentures can make many aspects of retirement more enjoyable. Travel, cooking, gardening, fishing, and golf, for example, are all more enjoyable with quality dentures.

You’ve been putting off your hobbies for a lifetime of work. Don’t let cheap dentures diminish your enjoyment of them now.

Older couple enjoying the beachside.


You’ve probably built up quite a list of dream destinations you’ve been wanting to go to. While you’re working, there are so many things that make it hard to travel: limited vacation time, kids, and your house. But with retirement, you can cut some of the ties that had kept you from traveling, and you can go where you want, as often as you want, for as long as you want.

But if you have cheap dentures, you might not enjoy travel as much as you think. Dentures that slide around and have poor quality teeth can make it hard to enjoy local cuisines, especially those that aren’t processed to the extent that our food is in this country.

Cleaning and soaking your dentures can be an additional hassle in countries where the water may not be suitable for the purpose.

Dentures that are loose and ill-fitting can make it hard to converse with the locals, either in their broken English or your even more broken version of their language.

And if your dentures are interfering with your fitness, it can just make it hard to see the things you wanted to see on your travels.

Family Time

But it isn’t just exotic locales that can be hard to enjoy with cheap dentures. Even staying at home can be impacted by poor quality dentures. After all, many family dinners can be hard to enjoy if you have dentures. And you don’t want to have to skip family occasions because you can’t eat what’s on the menu.

And if your dentures make it hard for you to be understood, you will have difficulty reading to your grandkids (or great-grandkids), or telling them all the stories of adventures in your youth. Plus you don’t want the embarrassment of dentures coming out at an unfortunate moment.

The challenge of keeping up with grandkids can become that much more difficult if your dentures limit your movement.


When you’re working, it’s hard to find the time to cook good meals. You end up eating a lot of preprepared meals, frozen meals, and takeout. But once you’ve retired, you’ll finally have the time to try out all those recipes you’ve been saving on Pinterest.

Dentures can make all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying cooking. Sure, they can limit your ability to eat certain foods. But poorly fitted dentures can also impact your sense of taste, too. And if you don’t have good neuromuscular support from your dentures, standing at the stove or getting around the kitchen can be a lot harder and may come with a greater risk of falls.


Gardening can be a demanding activity, especially on your neck and back. If you’ve developed TMJ as a result of poorly fitting dentures, you might find it hard to keep standing up and crouching down. Numbness and tingling in your fingers can also interfere with your garden work.

And how will you enjoy all that wonderfully fresh produce if your dentures aren’t up to the task?


When you were working, it seemed like there were never enough fishing days. And when you did get out on the weekends, it was always crowded with all the other anglers. Now that you’re retired, you’re looking forward to fly fishing your favorite streams while everyone else is at work. Good neuromuscular dentures can help you get the balance you need to wade out into the stream and whip that fly back and forth, back and forth before letting it rest oh so gently on the top of the water.

But what if you’re into deep sea fishing? Good neuromuscular support might be even more important there–when you’re struggling with a big marlin, you want to be able to leverage all your strength and haul that fish in.


Every aspect of golf depends on having a stable core that allows you to properly control and leverage your muscles. Cheap dentures can negatively impact your golf game, whether you’re trying to master your short game, optimize your chip shots, or drive long and straight.

Golf can take a lifetime to master. Now that you’re almost there, don’t let cheap dentures handicap your skills.

FOY ® Dentures Can Help You Enjoy Your Retirement

FOY® Dentures are designed to maximize your enjoyment of life. Not only will you look younger and have a more beautiful smile, you’ll be happier in all your hobbies.

FOY ® Dentures are designed to be fully functional dentures. When designed as implant dentures, they are especially good for eating –as good as or better than your natural teeth. They can help you enjoy all the family favorite foods or discover your new favorites, whether you’re cooking at home or eating street food in Southeast Asia.

And the neuromuscular support you’ll receive will help you maintain an active life well into your retirement. You won’t have to slow down until you want to.

To learn more about how FOY ® Dentures can help you enjoy retirement, please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a Columbia, SC denture dentist at Smile Columbia.