This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Friends, family, great food, and maybe a present or two from someone special. What’s not to love?

But sometimes it’s a lot harder to enjoy the Christmas season when you have dentures. Here are some of the ways that dentures can cause problems at Christmas, and how better dentures can let you have a better holiday next year.

senior couple trimming their Christmas tree

Difficulty Talking

One of the greatest joys of the season is getting to talk with all those people you don’t see at other times of the year. But did you have a harder time getting people to understand you this year? It could be that everyone’s hearing is going. After all, they’re getting older. However, it’s more likely that it’s your dentures that are causing the problem.

It’s very hard to speak clearly with traditional dentures. They aren’t secure, which can cause them to slip out of place when making certain sounds or motions with your mouth. And if you’re speaking loud or enthusiastically, they can even fly out of your mouth. And while that may give some people a laugh, that’s not exactly the best experience for you.

Trouble Eating

Another great joy is all the wonderful food that everyone brings out for the holidays. So many different cookies and candies to enjoy. Turkey and ham make for a great feast, but they’re not always easy to eat, if they’re not cooked properly.

Dentures can make holiday dinners a serious challenge. They reduce your bite force dramatically, and they can’t even get through some popular foods/can-dentures-be-sharpened/’}}}}. You have to cut foods up small and chew carefully and slowly with your dentures. This means that you’re still eating your first serving when the rest of the family is putting the dessert away.

Feeling Self-Conscious

For some families, there’s a constant rivalry over appearance. Who has new clothes and fashionable shoes really matters. In this situation, your traditional dentures, which don’t look very realistic, can make you feel very self-conscious every time you open your mouth. That can make it very hard to just relax and enjoy yourself at any get-together.

The problem is worse if the rest of your family has full sets of healthy teeth. If you’re the only one in your family wearing dentures, you can’t help but feel that they give you away when they look plastic, move around, and don’t function as natural teeth should.

Quality Dentures Can Help You Enjoy the Season

If you want dentures that can really help you have a happy holiday season, from Halloween to New Year’s, we can help. Quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures can look natural and function just like natural teeth. They will stay in place so you can speak clearly. They will also preserve your ability to bite and chew normally, thanks to dental implants, which secure them firmly to your jawbone.

To learn how quality dentures can help make your next Christmas merry and bright, please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with Columbia, SC denture dentist Dr. Adam Hahn at Smile Columbia Dentistry.