If you have lost your teeth, your dentures will have to fulfill the essential roles your teeth used to play. Unfortunately, many dentures just aren’t up to the task, and you quickly realize just how much of a step down you’ve taken from natural teeth.

But if you switch to a higher quality, you’ll be delighted with how much of an improvement you may see. There are some benefits you’ll notice right away, and others that you will notice over time. And then there are the benefits that can improve or even extend your life.

Smiling Woman With Single Arch Dentures

The Immediate Benefits

When you switch to quality dentures, you’ll likely notice many benefits right away related to the improved fit and/or materials used in the new dentures.
Better chewing: Cheap dentures are often poorly suited for chewing. They don’t fit well, don’t stay in place, don’t let you bite with enough force, and have poor quality teeth for biting and chewing.

Greater comfort: Whether you have denture pain with your current dentures or not, you’ll appreciate the improved comfort with quality dentures. Cheap dentures can move around and rub your gum tissue, irritating it. And the imbalanced forces can cause the denture to hurt your gums and maybe even your bones. Implant dentures can be especially beneficial in this and the preceding categories.

Younger appearance: FOY® Dentures are designed to help you look younger. By restoring your youthful proportions, you’ll see that many aspects of facial aging are reduced or eliminated. And because these new dentures are more attractive, people don’t have to know you have dentures. You’ll look years, even decades younger.

Longer Term Benefits

But even as you’re enjoying the immediate benefits, you’ll have more to look forward to as your new quality dentures

Better durability: Cheap dentures aren’t designed to last. They’re designed to fit in anyone’s budget and wear out so that you have to replace them. But Quality dentures are designed to be more durable. They can last for years or even longer depending on the types of materials and how well they’re worn and maintained.

Slowed aging: Aging continues constantly. We’re all getting older. But cheap dentures can accelerate the symptoms of facial as they can speed the rate at which your body loses jawbone. This shrinks the support for your jaw, causing you to look older. And then the denture itself is wearing down, so it’s also going to contribute to an appearance that you’re aging much faster.

Benefits for Life

Quality dentures don’t just help you live a better life today and in the near future. These new dentures can have a positive impact on your health. They can actually extend your life as a result. Here’s how.

Better nutrition: With quality dentures, it’s easier to eat a wide variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables. These can help you stay healthy and avoid many common illnesses related to poor nutrition as we get older.

Better bite: You might think that your bite is just your bite, but it’s really so much more than that. Your bite can be related to your strength, and it can be related to a longer life.

Fewer falls: Your jaw is an important anchorage point for muscles, nerves, and ligaments. When your jaw has a good bite, it helps more to provide a stable place from which to work. This can help you improve your overall strength and balance. It can lead to fewer falls and therefore less risk of serious injury related to your falls.

What Can Quality Dentures Do for You?

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