With last week’s surprising Brexit vote, worldwide markets started tumbling, and they have yet to recover. The markets hate uncertainty, and this sudden seemingly impetuous move by one of the world’s most staid nations (Keep calm and carry on? Yeah, right!) has made many a little jittery about what might be next.

If you’re in the jittery camp, you might be considering postponing an investment in quality dentures. But the truth is that uncertainty about the future is one of the great reasons to invest in quality dentures today. Today’s investment can provide many benefits in an uncertain world.

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Quality Dentures Last Longer

One of the most important reasons to invest in quality dentures is so that your dentures will last longer. Poorly fitted dentures can break, and cheap dentures aren’t made to last.

But quality dentures are made out of some of the most durable materials available, such as advanced ceramics over a titanium superstructure. Properly fitted, these dentures are highly resistant to wear and damage.

And dental implants can actually remain in place for a lifetime. One person has had their dental implants for 49 years and counting, and most are expected to last over 20 years. In an uncertain future, you are certainly better off getting your dental implants today and knowing that they’ll be there for 20 years and more.

Be More Capable

With the job market looking uncertain, it’s best to maximize your benefit where you are. Traditional dentures can cause many problems for your job, such as difficulty speaking and a distracting, artificial appearance. The consequences can be rejected pitches, lost sales, and other speed bumps in your job.

And then there’s the problem that dentures can make you look older. Once your teeth are lost, your body begins removing bone from your jaw, which contributes to facial folds and wrinkles. Traditional dentures can actually accelerate the process of loss, and can contribute to an aged appearance. When you’re competing to maintain your job against younger candidates, you can’t afford to look old and feeble, you want to keep looking young and strong.

FOY ® Dentures can help you maintain your youthful appearance for longer. They won’t accelerate bone loss, and with dental implants they can help you maintain your jaw.

Protect Your Health

Quality dentures can also help you maintain your health, which is one of the best guarantees against an uncertain future. Nothing can completely prevent potential health problems in the future, but investing in quality dentures can make a difference.

Quality dentures can help you chew better and let you keep eating a nutritious diet, one of the most important foundations of good health. And being able to chew properly is associated with a lower dementia risk.

Not only that, but neuromuscular dentures can help you keep active and avoid falls, which can be dangerous and expensive.

Make the Best of Today

The future has always been uncertain and will always be uncertain. The only thing you can be sure about is what you can do today to prepare yourself for that uncertainty. And quality dentures are definitely something you can do now that will benefit you for many years to come, in good times and in bad.

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