Many people dread the thought of getting dentures. But the truth is that most people who need dentures actually love getting them. That’s because dentures have the ability to give people a fresh start with a new set of teeth, and for all their limitations, even traditional dentures are much better than badly damaged natural teeth.

One great recent example comes to us from rural Ireland, where a relatively young man had 27 teeth removed and got full dentures, much to his delight. The joy was shared by his family and the community as a whole.

Light bulbs, one lit up

The Pain and Dysfunction of Unhealthy Teeth

For many years, 32-year-old Michael Sheridan has been struggling with problems related to his unhealthy teeth. He puts the problem down to his lack of oral hygiene and his addiction to Coke, a classic case of teeth being wasted on the young.

The father of three boys worked as a kitchen porter, but his days were full of pain. He says he had a toothache about every other day, and sometimes pain would flare up whenever he ate.

He also used to have to hid away when people would talk to him. He didn’t want them to see his unhealthy teeth. And he was looking prematurely aged.

He gave up being a laugher and a joker In addition, he says he never applied for a promotion at his job because he was afraid of the attention it would bring to his smile, and the possibility he’d have to talk to clients.

Immediate Benefits

Sheridan had his 27 teeth removed and had dental implants placed in a morning procedure. He didn’t receive implant dentures immediately, just getting traditional dentures during the healing process. But he and his family immediately delighted at the change.

When he emerged from the procedure with his dentist, his partner was delighted to see his smile and hugged both him and his dentist.

Sheridan reported that the discomfort is a lot less than he expected, which he puts down to the constant pain he experienced with his natural teeth, building up his tolerance. He’s on a soft diet temporarily as he heals, but he looks forward to the future. For now, his dentures are loose, but that’s because they’re healing dentures, and he can’t even use adhesives at this time.

But he enjoys being asked to smile by the people he meets, rather than having to hide away. Strangers on the street are asking to see his new smile, and he’s happy to share it. His friends and family also report he looks 10 years younger.

Don’t Live Life Limited by Your Teeth

We understand that many people are afraid of or uncomfortable with the thought of getting dentures. But as Sheridan demonstrates, if your teeth are unhealthy, and they’re holding you back in your personal and professional life, then it’s time to consider getting dentures. Except for your pain and your embarrassment, you have little to lose.

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