It’s unfortunately common for people to lose their dentures in the course of their daily lives. Whether they take their dentures out to eat and have them snatched by a bird (actually, it’s pretty common), have them stolen by an unscrupulous neighbor, or have them thrown out by a homeless shelter, there are many situations where traditional dentures come out and are lost.

However, it’s very unusual for people to actually get their dentures back, especially when they’re lost to a force majeure like the ocean. But that’s exactly what happened to an Australian surfer recently.

Waves in the blue sea

When the Sea Steals Your Dentures

The man was from Otaki, on Australia’s Kapiti Coast. He went surfing near the Otaki River mouth a couple days before Christmas. After a good day of surfing, he headed in, lazily paddling on his surfboard. Suddenly, he was struck by a wave that hit him hard.

At first, he didn’t realize that he’d lost his dentures, but when he did, he and his family spent the next few days wandering the area looking for his dentures. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the dentures.

And Your Denture Specialist Is on Vacation

When they realized they weren’t going to find the dentures, they tried to get replacement dentures. Unfortunately, the man’s denture specialist was gone for the Christmas holiday.

This meant that the man was partially toothless on Christmas–he had his lower teeth, but no uppers. Unfortunately, his lack of teeth meant that he missed out on the celebratory food on Christmas, which included T-bone steak and spare ribs.

Facebook to the Rescue

When the family got together on the holiday, the man’s nephew heard of his uncle’s plight and said that he’d had luck finding lost objects using Facebook. So, he put out a plea to a local group, asking everyone in the community to keep their eyes out for dentures that might have washed up.

The plea wasn’t able to locate the dentures right away, but, eventually, it came through. The man’s dentures were found on January 3, about 9 miles away, on a hot night with very low tide. The woman told her son to post the find on Facebook to see if anyone had lost them. The man who lost his dentures was up quickly to try them on, and, sure enough, they fit.

Although they found the owner for the dentures, the family was surprised at the number of people who wanted the dentures if they weren’t claimed.

Implant Dentures Won’t Be Lost

This is a remarkable story of dentures lost and dentures regained, but it’s far from the norm. When people lose their dentures, they are most likely lost forever or broken. If you want to avoid losing your dentures, it’s best to use a more secure attachment than the suction used for traditional dentures. Implant dentures are much more secure. While any removable denture could conceivably be lost, it’s much less likely with implant dentures.

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