We don’t know how many times we have to keep saying this, but your dentures are really not a good place to smuggle drugs. After a woman was arrested last year trying to smuggle drugs into prison in her dentures , we expected this wouldn’t be a regular recurrence. However, it turns out that a Louisiana man was arrested last week for trying to smuggle crack cocaine in his dentures.

Trying to Avoid a Search

This recent story involves Cornelius Carvin, a 64-year-old who was walking down the street in Houma when police spotted what they suspected was a crack pipe sticking of the paper bag Carvin was carrying. Police seized the paper bag and ordered Carvin to spread his hands at the police car. Instead, Carvin decided it was best not to chance a search because he had crack cocaine on him.

Carvin first tried to hide the cocaine in his pants, then managed to put it into his mouth, where he tried to place it under his dentures. Unfortunately, when police ordered him to open his mouth, the crack was visible. Carvin was ordered to spit out his dentures, then arrested.

Dentures Should Fit Snugly

What makes this story more than just another dumb criminal story is this: it should never occur to you that your dentures might make a great hiding place for anything. Your dentures should fit so tightly and so smoothly against your gums that the thought that anything else might fit there should never occur to you.

If you have dentures that fit you so poorly you think of them as a potential stash, you may be at increased risk for a number of problems, including increased loss of bone in your jaw.

Fortunately, we have a better option. Properly fitting neuromuscular dentures can give you a snug, happy smile.

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