Dentures are a major investment. They are intended to be durable, and to give you many years of good service. However, many people wear dentures for much longer than they should, longer than they can give good results. Here is some guidance for making your dentures last and how to know when they should be replaced.

People Hold on to Dentures a Long Time

Although dentures are intended to last for a long time, people actually use them for much longer than they are intended to be used. Although dentures are intended to be used for about 5-8 years, the last major survey on the topic showed that people used their dentures for about 17.6 years. And since then, some data suggests that people have since used them for longer, perhaps 20 years. This would not be too surprising, because that is the expectation people have for their dentures, that they should last 20 years.

The problem is that dentures often wear out long before this. Worn teeth can lead to a shortened face and aged appearance. Dentures likely lose their ability to fit properly. Poorly fitting dentures can make it hard for you to talk or smile with confidence, may make it hard for you to chew, and are likely uncomfortable. Not only that, but they can damage your jawbone and gums.

How to Make Dentures Last

If you want to make your dentures last, there are a few things you can do. Most importantly, invest in quality dentures. These dentures will last longer and give better service along the way, too. Better materials and better fit will protect your dentures from damage and wear.

Next, make sure you are following all the recommended care guidelines. Leaving your dentures in at night can increase their wear. Leaving your dentures out to dry can damage them, as can using homemade denture rinses.

Finally, make your regular dentist visits. Just because dentures aren’t your natural teeth, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from regular checkups. These can check your dentures for uneven wear and make sure they’re still properly fitted. Poorly fitting dentures are subject to excessive force that can damage them and damage your jawbone.

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