In her introductory video, she says she’s a normal woman of 27 who is a stay-at-home mother of two. There is nothing that sets her apart, she says, except for the fact that, just a year or so earlier, she had all her teeth removed and now she wears dentures. That was three years ago, and now she acts as a spokesperson for people with dentures.

Reaching out for People Who Might Feel Alone

She wants people to understand everything there is to know about wearing dentures, and, especially, to reach out to other people like her who might feel they’re too young for dentures. She hopes to dispel all the myths about dentures and give people a better understanding about what it means to wear them.

Telling People about Dentures

Kalinjax has many popular videos, but among the most popular videos she has is the one that talk about what it feels like to get dentures. She says that when she heard about the risk of dentures, she immediately rebelled against the concept, and, she says, she spent most of her twenties trying to fight against the reality she had to face. As her teeth got worse and worse, she said, she faced many self-esteem issues. Her teeth became so bad that she was suffering considerable pain and problems with her teeth, such as losing all her enamel and being unable to chew.

Then, when she got dentures, she realized that the time spent fighting was wasted time that she could never get back. She also realized that getting dentures was actually one of the best things that ever happened to her, because suddenly she didn’t have them to fear and was able to appreciate something she hadn’t for a long time: a beautiful smile.

Getting Dental Implants

Although she often describes dentures as the best thing that happened to her, they have not been without problems. She says that although her lower dentures had always been loose (which she describes as “a given”), now her upper dentures were getting looser (losing retention ). They made her worried they were going to fall out in public, and they got food underneath them, so that she had recently decided to get dental implants. She won a contest that paid for her dental implants.

She emphasizes that getting dental implants is a personal choice, and she continues to post updates about the dental implant process.

Want to hear more than three years of stories about life for a young person with dentures? Check out her YouTube channel, or read her blog,