Many people are concerned about the cost of dentures, including both traditional dentures and implant dentures. But cost isn’t really the main question to consider: it’s the value that you get for your investment. And when we consider the value of implant dentures, we see that they are well worth the investment.

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Higher Quality of Life

One of the big, overarching benefits of dental implants is that they can give you a higher quality of life. A Case Western Reserve University study looked at quality of life among women who got implants, dental bridges, removable dentures, or no replacement for lost teeth. It found that women with dental implants had the highest quality of life. The study didn’t break down exactly why, but there many options, including those we’ll look at next.

Better Eating

People with dental implants are better able to enjoy a wide variety of foods. This can help them enjoy better nutrition, which can lead to better health overall.

We’ll talk more about health benefits in a bit, but for now, let’s focus on eating as a contributor to quality of life. For many people, eating is about more than just putting nutrition and energy into the body. Food is potentially a source of pleasure, and dental implants can help you enjoy that pleasure by improving your sense of taste. And just having options when you sit down to eat can make it easier for you to enjoy time out with friends.

Better Health

There are many ways that implant dentures can contribute to improved health. As we noted above, when you have implant dentures, you can eat a wider variety of foods, which can improve your nutrition . However, that’s not the only way you might benefit from implant dentures.

Studies have associated eating a harder diet with improved cognition. That may be because chewing stimulates the brain in ways we do not fully understand.

But the ability to have a better bite can help you in still other ways. People with a stronger bite live longer. This may be in part because bite strength is linked to walking speed and can help you avoid falls.

Plus, better chewing can reduce digestive problems.

Last Longer

Dental implants are also a better investment because they can last longer than traditional dentures. Dental implants themselves can last a lifetime, with proven results of at least 30 years. In addition, implant dentures can also last longer than traditional dentures, though they rarely last a lifetime.

Of course, the lifetime you can expect from implants and implant dentures depends on many variables, but so do traditional dentures. When all factors are taken into account, implant dentures tend to last longer than traditional dentures.

But What about the Cost?

We understand. Many people might look at this list of benefits and still worry about the cost of implant dentures. After all, the value doesn’t matter at all, if you simply can’t afford implant dentures. But lest us help with that. We offer flexible payment options, including financing plans that are quick and easy to apply for. That can help you distribute the cost so that you can better enjoy the value of implant dentures.

Are Implant Dentures Right for You?

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