Many people live for years with dentures that are worn, out of fit, even broken. These dentures are uncomfortable, unattractive, and may not work for chewing. But part of the reason why people stick with them is that they have a sense that these dentures are “broken in” and they don’t like the thought of having to break in replacement dentures.

But memories of how hard it was to adapt to dentures give you a false sense that this will be a challenge. The truth is that it’s easier to adapt to a new set of dentures than it was to get your first set of dentures. Here’s why.

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Your Body’s Adapted

After your natural teeth have been removed, your jawbone undergoes profound changes. Your body must heal, gums have to toughen up, and bone is lost from the jaws that used to support your teeth. This process can be very uncomfortable, and, with the rapid resorption of bone, it can lead to pretty much constant changes that are very hard to adapt to.

But when you get a set of replacement dentures, your body has already gone through these changes. There will be little to no discomfort, and you won’t have to go through relinings every few weeks.

You’ve Learned the Skills

There are certainly a few tricks associated with getting a good quality of life with dentures. You have to speak a certain way, chew a certain way, maybe even hold your tongue a certain way in your mouth.

But you’ve learned all that. It’s old hat. You’ve eaten in public many times with your dentures. Your new dentures may be different in a few ways, but the basic principles of denture-related skills are the same. Even if you do face a little difficulty at first, you’ll find you’re eating and speaking with confidence again in no time.

You’re Getting Better Dentures

This is only a suggestion, but if you’re replacing your dentures, you should at least consider an upgrade. It’s possible that you were fully satisfied with your dentures before, but if you’re like most denture wearers, you could probably tell us a long list of things that were needed.

Heck, maybe now is the time to upgrade to implant dentures. You’ll be amazed at the improvement in function with your new dentures.

So don’t let a fear of adapting to dentures gain keep you from restoring your smile again. Please call (803) 781-9090  for an appointment with a Columbia, SC denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.