If your dentures are making it hard for you to eat, you may have turned to a lot of soft food. Not only does this mean you’re likely to end up eating junk food, you’re likely to eat a lot more of the same thing day in and day out. This not only means you likely aren’t enjoying your food as much, you’re likely ending up deficient in some important nutrients.

You might be thinking that moving up to implant-supported dentures is the right way to improve your nutrition, but a new study shows they aren’t necessarily better than well-fitted traditional dentures.

Poor-Fitting Dentures Do Affect Your Nutrition

We know that poorly fitting dentures can affect your nutrition. Studies show that people with dentures that don’t fit right eat fewer vegetables, less variety, get less of key nutrients like vitamin C and carotene. Overall, they have a lower Healthy Eating Index (HEI). However, if your dentures do fit well, your eating habits probably don’t differ significantly from people with natural teeth. Not eating enough of fruits and vegetables as well as being short in nutrients like vitamin C and carotene can put you at an increased risk for many chronic health conditions.

Replacing poorly-fitting dentures with new, better-fitting ones can improve your nutritional status.

Implant Dentures Don’t Improve Nutrition

According to a new study, though implant-supported dentures aren’t better for nutrition than regular dentures.

This new study gave new dentures to over 255 individuals over the age of 65. All were given conventional dentures for the uppers, while half of the individuals were given implant dentures and half were given regular dentures for the lowers. After a year, researchers looked at the nutrition of both groups. They found no difference between them

Do You Need New Dentures?

The lesson here is that if you have poorly-fitting dentures, then yes, replacing them with better-fitting ones can improve your nutrition and possibly your overall health. FOY® Dentures, are designed to give superior fit and function, and make an excellent choice. Implant-supported dentures are good, too, but don’t necessarily offer benefit over well-fitted traditional dentures.

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