For some people, gagging can be a real problem with dentures. You can’t use your dentures or live your life with them if they are making you gag, but, fortunately, there’s a solution that can help: implant dentures. Dental implants can make your dentures much more comfortable and eliminate gagging.

2 sets of upper dentures

Why Dentures Can Cause Gagging

Dentures are much bulkier than natural teeth, and extend into places where your mouth is sensitive. To help your upper dentures stay in place, they have a flange that covers your upper palate. The problem is that your upper palate is also one of the places that can trigger your gag reflex. If your denture stretches too far back, it can trigger gagging.

The same thing can happen with your lower denture, too, though it’s less common.

How to Reduce Gagging with Dentures

Some people gag at first with their dentures, but find that diminishes over time. It’s important to give your dentures a fair try before giving up on them.

Also, you should work with your dentist to try to trim the parts of the denture that are causing your gagging. Often, you can find a good compromise between security of the denture and your comfort.

Experiment with different tongue positions and see if this reduces your gagging. Also try different techniques for inserting your dentures. Sometimes it’s the insertion that’s the problem.

How Dental Implants Can Help

But if you have tried all the above and you still find that your dentures still make you gag, then dental implants might be the answer. Dental implants help because they can secure your dentures without the need for a bulky plate that contacts your upper palate. Instead, your dentures can be reduced so that they’re not much larger than your natural teeth, if at all.

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