You’re really excited: you’re getting new implant dentures in time for your daughter’s wedding or to receive an award for public service or that exclusive gala you’ve been invited to for the first time. But how do you make sure that everything will go as wonderfully as possible? Follow these tips to ensure you can enjoy this major event with your new implant dentures.

Blushing bride with her mother

Follow Your Postoperative Instructions Precisely

Dental implant healing usually goes without a hitch, but sometimes complications can arise that can impact the appearance, comfort, or function of your implant dentures. To avoid this, it’s vital that you follow the postoperative instructions you’ve been given.

This includes proper oral hygiene, making all your follow-up visits, complying with diet restrictions and instructions, and avoiding bad habits that can damage implants or impair healing.

If you don’t follow postoperative instructions, your implants may not be ready on time–they may even fail altogether.

Practice Speaking

Your implant dentures will function very much like your natural teeth, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be able to speak with them. This is particularly true if you have adapted to speaking with old, worn dentures or damaged and partially lost natural teeth. You will have acquired some bad habits that it can take some time to shed.

Follow our tips for learning to speak with dentures.

Practice Eating

As with speaking,you may have to learn again how to eat properly with your implant dentures. This shouldn’t take as long as it took to adapt to your regular dentures, but it can take a while. Follow our tips for learning to eat out with dentures.

If you can, find out what’s on the menu for the occasion, and practice eating the things that are on the menu. Remember, with implant dentures, you should be able to eat a full variety of food, including steak, corn on the cob, and other foods that are challenging with traditional dentures.

Forget That You Have Dentures

Your dentures will look natural–especially if they’re FOY® Dentures –and with a little bit of practice they will function so naturally that no one will be able to tell that you have dentures. That is, unless you give yourself away by worrying about them, checking them, or otherwise acting nervous about them.

Stop thinking of your implant dentures as dentures, and just think of them as your teeth. If you do, then everyone will accept them as your teeth.

Enjoy Yourself

Finally, it’s important to just let yourself go and enjoy yourself on this occasion. You got implant dentures to help you live your life to the fullest. Now it’s time to go out there and do it!

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